It’s all a question of price?: The most popular Mercedes models in 2023: how expensive will they be?  – News – Mercedes fans

It’s all a question of price?: The most popular Mercedes models in 2023: how expensive will they be? – News – Mercedes fans

In recent years, the automotive industry has been increasingly oriented towards electricity. It is not surprising that the German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz will also focus on electric vehicles in the future. The most popular models for the next year clearly confirm this situation.

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Mercedes EQT – electric mini-van

In 2023, Mercedes wants to launch the production version of small electric cars for the first time. This can accommodate up to seven people. A real electric recreational vehicle. The EQT not only looks elegant, but also attractive with plenty of storage space.

For a panel car, the EQT is considered quite sporty. The front is particularly chic and aerodynamic at the same time. The T-Class – i.e. the combustion model – is already available in the current year 2022 and will be available from dealers at a starting price of 31,000 euros. For the electric version, which will only be available next year, there is a significant price premium

Mercedes E-Class – small S-Class

A new generation of the Mercedes E-Class is also expected in 2023. The model is the popular S-Class. It remains to be seen which engine the E-Class will enter the market. The top example is likely to be the E63, which could come with a V8 but with the R6 M256 engine.

The E-Class should be available with a variety of drivetrains. In addition to the hybrid and PHEV options, the top model AMG E63 should also be available for purchase. AMG would use an electrically assisted turbo and a separate electric drive motor at the same time. The future front of the so-called small S-Class is similar to the new E-Class Saloon. The modified structure is mainly visible from the pillar B. A visual revival is shown here.

Insiders think that the new Mercedes E-Class will be available in the coming year from a purchase price of around 55,000 euros. of however, international competition is already ready. German automaker BMW is said to be already working on a new 5 Series model.

Mercedes CLE class convertible and coupe

Demand for convertibles and coupés has declined sharply in recent years. However, Mercedes remains true to itself with the new version of the CLE class. In coming CLE class two-door models (coupe and cabriolet) of the C and E classes from Mercedes-Benz. In addition, there will also be AMG performance derivatives in the new CLE class for coupe and cabriolet. Prices for the new CLE will likely be based more on the E-Class than the C-Class. We currently think that the CLE will start between 55,000 and 60,000 euros.

Mercedes GLE & GLE Coupé – a modern facelift for the GLE class

The popular GLE class from Mercedes is also getting a facelift. The sporty SUV, which is also available as a coupé, will sport an attractive look next year. Few but interesting changes are aimed at improving the subtle design. Most of all, changes in the design of the lights should give the GLE a modern look.
In terms of technology and performance, on the other hand, there is probably no major change in expectations. As with the current models, it is quite realistic to assume that the GLE and GLE Coupé models to be released next year will also be available from a price of around 75,000 euros.

Conclusion: new technology in a tried and tested design

Also in the new year, the German car manufacturer Mercedes relies on its successful classic models. Whether sedan, SUV or van – in 2023 some exciting new releases await everyone Mercedes fans.

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