Jaguar and Land Rover are hiring 250 engineers to imagine the electric car of tomorrow

Jaguar and Land Rover are hiring 250 engineers to imagine the electric car of tomorrow

The Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Group wants to enter a new era. The two British brands are announcing the hiring of 250 engineers. Electrical experts whose mission will be to develop tomorrow’s electric vehicles.

JLR employs 250 engineers and 300 technicians

Jaguar and Land Rover brands are looking for 250 engineers to accelerate the development of electric vehicles. The specialists who will be hired will work on the group’s future models, which will arrive by 2030. But also on the Range Rover electric car promised in 2024. These 250 new positions include hiring 300 technicians.

According to Gaydon, between Oxford and Brimingham, 40 of these engineers will work on electrical design and battery technology. This will include developing energy storage systems and creating battery cells. what” provide a unique driving and charging experience », According to Freddy Gunnarsson, battery manager at JLR.

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When asked by Motor vehiclenotes that ” This is an exciting opportunity for battery chemistry engineers to help define the next generation of electric trains. “. Finally, the other 210 engineers who will be hired will focus on development technology and fast pay.

The British are investing in changing times

Of the 300 technicians who are employed alongside the 250 engineers, 100 will be responsible for maintaining the 700 robots that will equip the future automation factory. Another 200 technicians will work on testing and manufacturing the group’s electric vehicles. After the electric Range Rover, the British company plans to release three new models of Jaguar.

Thomas Müller, director of product engineering at Jaguar Land Rover, believes that “ Achieving our strategy depends on our investment in talent and technology “. In fact, the British group is looking to strengthen its teams at a strategic time. Car manufacturers need to change times and Jaguar Land Rover understands this well.