Jane Rotonda starts a new chapter as Wisconsin Book Festival director | Entertainment

Jane Rotonda starts a new chapter as Wisconsin Book Festival director | Entertainment

Jane Rotonda commences a fresh stage as Wisconsin Book Festival Director, inaugurating a fresh trajectory for the prominent literary event in the Badger State.

Rotonda, a notable Wisconsinite with a creative eye, is well-prepared to initiate a new era for the annual event. Her rich background in the literary sphere, coupled with a deep understanding of the local milieu, has enabled her to successfully traverse the complex terrain of curating a top-notch book festival.

Rotonda brings to the table a wealth of expertise in the fields of publishing, writing, and editing, having previously worked as a copyeditor for the University of Wisconsin Press, and as a freelance editor for various publications. A Wisconsin native, she has a comprehensive knowledge of the state’s literary landscape, which she has applied to her new role as the festival’s director.

Rotonda is motivated to expand the Wisconsin Book Festival’s influence, aiming to make it the preeminent literary event in the Midwest. The festival is renowned for its diverse array of authors and topics, as well as its commitment to inclusivity and cultural representation. Rotonda will draw upon her expertise as a curator to further extend the festival’s reach, striving to bring in new voices, ideas, and perspectives to the event.

Rotonda has already begun to inject her creative vision into the Wisconsin Book Festival. In her inaugural year, she has introduced a series of engaging activities, including a book club and a writing workshop, to further promote the diverse culture of Wisconsin’s literary community. She has also expanded the festival’s reach by coordinating with numerous organizations and schools in the area to promote the event and its programming.

It is clear that Jane Rotonda is well-positioned to take the Wisconsin Book Festival to the next level, raising the profile of the state’s literary scene and providing a platform for a wide range of authors, topics, and ideas.