Jeep Avenger vs Volkswagen T-Cross: a challenge between city B-SUVs

Jeep Avenger vs Volkswagen T-Cross: a challenge between city B-SUVs

Jeep Avenger e Volkswagen T-Cross they are among the best interpreters in the world of city B-SUVs. Compact, high off the ground and equipped with engines or equipment necessary for the operation of domestic tasks. The American has recently arrived on the market as the German consolidates its position in the segment over the years, recently updated with a mid-career overhaul. There is no shortage of displays and even premium sedan equipment, with plenty of technology in the service of safety and comfort. Fairly similar in terms of size, although the Avenger could play a bit of a wild card on the engine front (which we’ll discuss later).

Design and measurements

Starting with Jeep Avenger, is a model that is highly valued by the market and buyers. Thanks to the expert hand of Daniele Colonaci – Head of Design for Jeep EMEA – it was possible to recreate the classic Jeep look, but compressed into just that. 4.08 meters of length. It seems robusta, large and ready to face any off-road environment, although the 4×4 version has not yet been presented. Lights full-led available, with wheels up to 18″ and the possibility of a different black roof for those looking for a high level of customization. At the rear it recalls the light clusters that also appeared on the Renegade and Wrangler, winking at many models of the brand.

Through Volkswagen T-Cross, has been filling our market since 2019, having achieved very good numbers, being one of the first B-SUVs to appear on the market. A little big in size, Height of 4.12 m and a height of 5 cm, in 1.57 m. The design of the new modification winks at the stylistic course introduced by the new Tiguan, with light clusters. fully adaptive guided IQ.Light (optional), redesigned bumpers and a more sporty and modern overall style. Available alloy wheels are 16, 17 or even 18 inches, the design also changes depending on the trim levels, from Life to the sportier R-Line. The taillight clusters also change, with a signature “X” LED light integrated into the gloss black fascia.

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Interior and technology

Jeep Avenger it welcomes passengers with a functional and spacious interior, decorated with a color band that crosses the dashboard horizontally. The range of the car is clearly visible, with the Uconnect 5 system that uses a screen with a ratio of 16:9. 10.25″ as usual for the multimedia system. In front of the driver you can get digital instruments, yes 7.25 o yes 10.25″, from the second production. Also standard is wireless connectivity for Apple or Android devices and automatic climate control. There are plenty of well-distributed storage areas, which reach high capacity for electric or hybrid versions, which boast a large room under the dashboard, in place of the manual gear lever. The materials are quite good, although it is understandable to find hard plastics in this segment of the market. The rear passenger space is enough for two passengers, while the third can be sacrificed a little. The trunk then it is wonderful, starting well 380 liters.

Repairing your Volkswagen T-Cross, the interior has been significantly updated compared to the previous model. Materials have been improved, with stronger assemblies and less rigid and lighter plastic than the first generation. As usual on all versions there are digital devices in front of the driver, and Digital Cockpit da almost 10 incheswhile the Digital Cockpit Pro is available on request for 350 euros. In the middle of the dashboard, completely renewed, there are two cuts for show, 8 or 9.2 inches, and graphics and creative system. There is also a multifunction leather steering wheel with manual climate control and physical rotors. As for the Jeep, two people are more comfortable in the back, while trunk it’s definitely roomier than the Avenger, for starters of 455 liters.

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Driving cars

Various types of engines Avenger is determined to be more complex: the base is composed of1.2 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine with 100 HP and 205 Nm, with a six-speed manual gearbox. The engine was recently started e-Hybridalways equipped1.2 3 cylinder turbo A 100 HP gasoline engine (but with a timing chain instead of an oil bath and a Miller circuit belt), but with an electric module that guarantees an additional 29 HP and is directly connected to the new one. dual clutch automatic transmission six-speed. On top of the row is version 100% electricitywhich uses a 54 kWh lithium ion battery powering the electric motor 136 CVwith a maximum of 401 km.

Through Volkswagen T-Crossthe engine range seems drier than that of the outgoing model, and solo 1.0 turbo petrol. 1.5 150 HP with DSG gearbox for the Italian market does not seem to be confirmed. At the bottom of the range is the 3-cylinder 1.0 TSI (turbo) and 95 CVwith a manual gearbox, but there is also a version from 116 CV which can be combined on request with a two-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic.

Price list

The basic type of Jeep Avenger starts from 24,300 euros for the 1.2 turbo petrol in Longitude trim, well equipped. Then it will go up to 26,300 for the Altitude version and 29,300 euros for the top of the Summit configuration. Hybrid versions are offered for 1,700 euros more, with the same configuration. The electric one starts from 39,400 in the Longitude trim, while the richer Summit reaches 42,400 euros.

Volkswagen T-Crossafter a variety of updates, significantly increases the price list, starting from one on the basis of 26,200 euros for 95 HP 1.0 TSI, manual gearbox and Life trim. The Style and R-Line both start at 29,200 euros, with the same engine. To upgrade to 1.0 116 HP it is necessary to add 1,250 euros, and to set another 1,700 euros to choose the automatic DSG. The more equipped model, with a 1.0 115 HP gearbox, DSG in R-Line trim, reaches 30,900 euros, excluding additional equipment.

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Final thoughts

With this latest facelift, the T-Cross closes the gap with the Avenger, while boasting a sometimes better configuration and more modern materials. It also wins in terms of space on board, above all thanks to a more generous boot. The options list is longer and more detailed than that of the US version. On the other hand, however, the Avenger offers a range of electrified engines, with mild hybrids and 100% electric versions. The design is more original and bigger and maybe, in the future, a 4×4 version will also arrive. The passenger compartment is more modern but simple, while still winning in terms of space in the storage compartments.

The price list starts from a lower figure than the German one, but in versions of the Summit with more equipment, it can exceed the price list of the T-Cross.