Jeep Compass is a round player with Forever Young

Jeep Compass is a round player with Forever Young

My weekly attraction on television can be found on Saturday evenings. The ‘Mathijs continues’ program must be designed for music lovers. This formula is an excessive use of good music (partly due to Sven Hammond’s big-running and crazy band) and the recurring theme ‘Forever Young’. What is related to the Jeep Compass may seem far-fetched, but it is not.

The Jeep is celebrating its 80th birthday this year and is officially ‘Forever Young’. Because the brand DNA is still tirelessly located in everything that the Jeep manages. Perhaps the only thing to worry about is the name. Jeep, icon, household name when it comes to all-terrain vehicles, capable of overcoming every conceivable obstacle. But the brand has now also become a common name for all off-road vehicles and four-wheel-drive SUVs. And that’s a bit of a chore. Maybe it’s a compliment, but frankly, you’re just a Jeep if there’s a Jeep on the nose. It is the same as having a nose 7.

Look, this is of course a Jeep

Jeep Forever Young

The last two are inseparably connected to the Jeep brand, hence Forever Young. That picture of an off-road car is a bit of an ‘extra benefit’ you get when you buy a Jeep 4×4. Available as an option (or even standard) for all models, and certainly also on the Jeep Compass, which knows how to have fun outside the house. The image has now become the unparalleled value of the Jeep, just as the Jeep Compass is a luxury SUV, suitable for all situations and perhaps the best family car with an Urban look.

If you are the Eternal One, you have gone through all that, you are still here, and you still have that important aura mentioned above and you seem to have survived all the storms. I don’t know why the brand hasn’t called itself Forever Young before. But it fits very well with this car and the Jeep brand.

The new Jeep Compass PHEV represents today’s generation of Jeep. Despite the many luxuries, space and overdose of high technology and now also available with the outlet. The 2021 Jeep is also available as a hybrid SUV. And not because the brand wants to follow the market or because of the tax advantage. Because the latter is a real Dutch subject.

When you think ‘who cares, I have a Jeep’
It is also a sense of freedom and drive in nature

Jeep Compass Hybrid

Reportedly, Jeep wants to be the greenest SUV brand on the planet. And if Christian Meunier, the chief executive of the Jeep dared to say this out loud in public, then something is going on. It hurts, it hurts, it takes time to get used to the notorious Jeep owners, but don’t worry. That plug makes your Jeep, and certainly the Jeep Compass, more powerful than ever. Extra hybrid storage provides more energy and therefore runs more CO2 friendly and also more economical.

With a range of more than 50 miles of electric drive, it is the ideal vehicle for urban environments (especially if you can charge at home). It is an SUV that has everything you can expect from a modern car in 2021. Spacious, modern, economical and above all safe. Regarding the latest version, the Jeep Compass PHEV has the most advanced ADAS systems available on the market: Flexible Transportation Control, Front-Warning Warning, Road Leaving Warning, Mental Speed ​​Support, Signal Recognition Traffic and Keyless Go.

Software and software

Modern cars these days have not only a hybrid car, but also a large number of programs on board. Smart apps that allow you to control everything, are sometimes integrated with most apps on your smart phone. Jeep has more than just an in-depth software package on board at the moment. You can sit down for a while. Especially if you want to make the most of the charge and use of the hybrid car system.

The definition of multiple screens is clear and, above all, intuitive. Without guidance you will come to the truth. Eventually, this app will be even bigger and from now on you can control your energy consumption in advance. Where you want to run electricity, when you run a hybrid, where and when you charge. It fits right now and Jeep Compass shows you how to plan it.

The Jeep also comes with the standard Uconnect system, 8.4-inch touch screen, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, DAB radio with GPS navigation, smart phone connectivity and overuse use of Uconnect services.

We are committed to making the Jeep the greenest of all SUVs. The Jeep range of electric vehicles allows you to drive with the sole of your foot, providing the best and most enjoyable experience on the road and the opportunity to enjoy the best of Jeep off-road capabilities in almost complete silence.

– Christian Meunier, President of Global Jeep

A wide menu to choose your own preferences
Jeep Forever Young

Jeep Compass, Forever Young Courtesy of The Rolling Stones

It is clear that the Jeep brand is Forever Young after eighty years. In fact, it may be the only brand that can claim this. But along with Mathijs (see first paragraph) there is also a great band and there is always that music. And music, it is inextricably linked to Jeep. For example, every Jeep Compass has a high-end sound system with 9 speakers and a subwoofer that delivers crystal-clear sound, which is great.

But if you are really looking for a link between Forever Young and Jeep, you must return to 2017. In that year, Jeep sponsored the NoFilter tour of the Rolling Stones and Jeep Compass as a special guest on ‘Stage’. And like the Jeep, there is only one band in the world that can take over Forever Young, actually the Stones.

And sometimes you have to show your own color, so Forever Young.

Henk de Hooge

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