Job cuts in the group and bad sales figures: Audi takes a stand

Job cuts in the group and bad sales figures: Audi takes a stand

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From: Dominik Jahn

Audi with information on poor sales figures and job cuts in the group. © dpa / Andreas Gebert

Audi talks about negative sales figures for 2022 and tries to put the results in perspective. The car manufacturer also specifies a reduction in planned work.

At Audi, 2022 ended with few problems. Included not only the well-known problems of the future in the VW group resurfacedhow has reported. Then it came to that the automaker’s missed sales targets. Now there were clear announcements about this and ongoing work cuts.

Request from in the VW Group, looking at the last financial year for Audi, it landed directly with the Ingolstadt company. The parent company seems to like leaving Audi itself to explain its missed targets. The pressure on boss Duesmann is increasingwhich is also seen in some of the actions recently taken by Volkswagen.

Audi puts its lackluster sales figures into perspective

Therefore, the targets set in autumn 2022 applied to the entire Audi Group, not just AUDI AG. Audi put the missing sales figures into perspective in its statement. The expected value was only slightly missed: “With 1.64 million vehicles produced by the Audi Group (including Bentley and Lamborghini), these targets were only slightly missed in 2022.” But this also means that the group had already revised its targets downwards in Octoberhow also information.

July 16, 1909, Zwickau
Volkswagen AG

The specialist in technical and commercial management in the automotive industry, “Automobil Industrie”, looks back at the expected figures from the autumn of 2022: “In October, the automaker promised deliveries of 1.65 to 1.75 million vehicles, sales of 60 to 63 billion euros and a return on sales of 11 to 13 percent.” After that, you can definitely expect the financial figures for the financial year 2022 – Audi He wants to submit this on March 16.

VW talks about full order books – expert warns about numbers

At VW, an official statement on the company’s website says: “Our products achieved good delivery figures in a very challenging environment last year.” And the reference is made to the higher order of retrogression. This is “clear evidence” ensure that customers the entire product portfolio “love”.

However, some numbers may mask problems for Audi and the entire auto industry. Experts such as Ferdinand Dudenhöffer from the Center for Automotive Research reduce the joy of full order books. It’s just a result of supply constraints.

This is how Audi sees job cuts at the car company’s plants

At Audi, big changes are also waiting in the plants. Recently the car company said that it wants to halve factory costs by 2033. A move that is of course ineffective and can be seen as a measure by the parent company VW. By 2026, even the last combustion cars should roll off the assembly line. Audi had already commented on planned job cuts in 2019.

According to the company, together with the works council, the basis for the necessary adjustments of the workers in the reform was created earlier. With current needs through Regarding further layoffs, Audi says: “We are ahead of schedule and will cut a total of up to 9,500 jobs by 2025 in line with the demographics. By the end of 2022, we had cut around 6,000 jobs in a socially responsible way.” It is important for those involved that the emphasis on workforce change grows from “downsizing” to “flexibility” and “expansion” related to topics in the future. fields, especially IT/software.