Jorge Martin (Ducati/3rd): “Getting the best out of it” / MotoGP

Jorge Martin (Ducati/3rd): “Getting the best out of it” / MotoGP

It was an eventful day for the star of the Prima Pramac-Ducati team. After a high-speed crash in qualifying, Jorge Martin fought his way to the podium in the rodeo.

Qualifying appearances were almost more exciting than the Pramac Ducati star’s race performance. With two crashes in the space of a few minutes and a fierce attack to reach the second row of the grid, the #89 and #93 were reminiscent of days gone by. How did the qualifying chaos happen?

Jorge Martin: “Maybe it was too aggressive. Especially on the first lap, when I was tenth fastest in the first sector. But after the crash I felt good and attacked again. But again I was very aggressive in the long right-hand bend. I was very lucky because if the fall had turned out to be high, I certainly wouldn’t be sitting here now. When I had the second bike with the soft front tire, the limit was quickly reached and I had to be happy with sixth place.

In the 10-lap race at the great race in Austin, the world championship leader quickly moved forward. As soon as they got behind Pedro Acosta, the front march was over. It wasn’t until the evening that the Madrilenian pushed ahead of Acosta and then had to admit that anything higher than third place is not possible here and now.
Martin: “I started well, but I didn’t go through the first corners in the best way. It took a while to catch up with the guys in front and with the feeling I had at the front, passing them was difficult. Pedro was good on the brakes, the maneuver against him was strong. Although I was able to get away one later, it would be impossible to attack further. So I decided to leave a little reserve for tomorrow.”

“Martinator” is confident about the United States Grand Prix, which starts on Sunday at 2 pm (9 pm CEST), and does not rule out a fight for victory. “It depends on the first few corners. If I can get ahead quickly, then anything is possible. I also think we will be in a better position for the long distance tomorrow as far as coordination is concerned. I’m sure I can have a match with Maverick if I can get close to him.”

Before the USA GP, the team still has work to do and the tire issue needs to be clarified. “Like the first race of the year, I had strong vibrations in the chassis today. If we get this under control, as we did in the last events at the GP, even more is possible. And we still have to decide if we go with “soft” or “medium “. Both seem to work very well, but the competition seems to focus on the “middle”. I think I can do well with both options.”

At the end of the press briefing, the World Championship leader, whose lead continued to grow after the race, thanked his leather suit supplier Alpinestars for the exemplary material. “I had zero injuries from taking off in Q2 at around 200km/h. The material worked perfectly and I’m grateful to be wearing this skin today.

Behind Jorge Martin, who was able to increase his lead to 24 points, the pack moved closer. There are only nine points between Enea Bastanini, who has made an extraordinary rise to second place in the World Cup, and Pedro Acosta, who is sixth in the World Cup.

MotoGP World Championship standings after the Austin Sprint
1. Martin 67
2. Bastianini 43
3. Fastener 42
4. Bagnaia 39
5. Marc Marquez 36
6. Acosta 34
7. Vinales 31
8. Espargaro 30
9. Miller 19
10. And Giannantonio 15
11. Every quarter
12. Alex Marquez
13. Bezek 12
14. Oliveira 8
15. Mir 7
16. Augusto Fernandez 5
17. Zarco 5
18. When 3
19. Nakagami 2
20. Raúl Fernández 1
21. Morbidelli 0
22. Marini 0

1. Ducati 80
2. KTM 56
3. April 47
4. Yamaha 15
5. Honda 8

1. Ducati Lenovo 82
2. Pramac 67
3. April 61
4. KTM 61
5. Grease 49
6. YEAR 39
7. VR46 27
8. Yamaha 18
9. Trackhouse 9
10. Honda 7
11. LCR 7