Justin Bieber will never buy a Ferrari again.  The company listed him

Justin Bieber will never buy a Ferrari again. The company listed him

Buying a new Ferrari requires more than a “suitcase of cash”. The company does not sell its cars to anyone who wants to buy them. You have to accept a number of restrictions imposed on him by the brand, for example, to follow a special “code of conduct”, and special models can only be purchased by old, good customers who have a suitable history of communication with the Maranello brand. .

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Justin Bieber, as reported by the Spanish newspaper “Marca” and the Italian daily “Il Giornale”, has been blacklisted by Ferrari and will not be able to buy a new car of this brand. This fact is difficult to confirm, because Ferrari always handles this type of issue very discreetly, but it is known that the legal department is very good. In October 2020, for example, he won a two-year battle with designer Philpp Plein, who used his Ferrari to promote shoes.

Justin Bieber has revealed himself to Italians several times. First, he converted his 2011 Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition into a West Coast Customs. Not only were they painted there (originally it was white), but it was also widened and “supermarket” rims were installed. Ferrari is said not to be interested in the fact that Bieber forgot where he parked his car after one of the events in Los Angeles, getting a fine on this car in Miami and Los Angeles and that. he “dared” to put them up for auction – although love, but Ferrari “likes” to accept this type of marketing in advance. Justin Bieber hit the list, which already includes at least a few famous people, which we wrote about not so long ago in the material. These celebrities will never buy a Ferrari again. On the list, plus. Nicolas Cage and 50 Cent.