K44 videos |  what will the driver of the future be like?

K44 videos | what will the driver of the future be like?

K44’s new video broadcast series “At work with Laura Broglio” tells the evolution of industrial vehicle drivers over time: in the first episode we talked about the past, the second about the present and in this third episode Laura tries to understand how she will work in the future, in the context of rapid technological change. Electrification, electrification and digitization change the driver’s signals and how they act explains Ozan B.Can, manager of Ford Trucks Italy.

“At work with Laura Broglio” is a K44 video that tells the story of travel in a new way, different and more, without technology and putting the driver in the middle of everything. In this third season, broadcast in three episodes from Wednesday 24 to Friday 26 May 2023, Laura Broglio takes us to discover the world of transport, inside the Ford F-Max, in a kind of trilogy of time between the past, the present and the future, comparing the sounds different generations to understand what transport was like yesterday, how it is today and what it will be like tomorrow.

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