Kia EV9: what is the promise of this electric family SUV coming to Europe?

Kia EV9: what is the promise of this electric family SUV coming to Europe?

After the EV6, voted Best Car of the Year 2022, will the EV9 also get all the honors? Kia is definitely moving forward in this line with the arrival of its new 100% electric SUV range. One of the only ones on the market that can be equipped with seven seats. The EV9 was officially presented in Europe during an event held from May 15 to 26 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Several European media, including Capital, were invited, the reveal remained a secret throughout, and many product experts were mobilized … the stage was set to reveal what will be the new symbol of Kia in design, connectivity, autonomy, mobility and mobility. permanent The pillars that make up the brand’s new strategy and which were well highlighted during this European conference. And this, with the aim of winning a certain goal of customers, a large family in search of zero production.


Ka EV9’s “Digital Tiger Face”. Kia

Kia EV9’s highly marked design

At first glance, one might confuse the Kia EV9 with Renault’s new Espace 6. Like the French, the South Korean SUV takes the appearance of a backpack, and its length is more than 5 m, width of 1.98 m and height of 1.75 m. But this one is more voluminous, taking on very strong and attractive lines. A geometric silhouette without folds that makes it more attractive. The sea blue color chosen for the presentation thus emphasizes the preference of the design of reality. It is building a strong and recognizable identity. The front face adopts the “Tiger Face” codes, with L-shaped LED light lines dotted along the sides, supplemented by small vertical optical units, to provide a wider and more powerful light. The light signature houses a full grille, suitable for electrics, and leaves space under the bumper for an air curtain that promotes better aerodynamic efficiency.


Kia will sell by the end of the year its large family SUV, which is more than 5 meters long. Kia

If we slide aside, we see that the aerodynamics are also favored by the automatic retractable door handles and mirror cameras (optional). About the rims, you should be able to like and guess: 19, 20 or 21-inch tires are wearing rectangular shape spokes, which gives the SUV another special look. At the rear, the rear face is easily recognizable as it receives lights in the shape of a constellation or star cloud, thus incorporating the rear window.

The light signature of the LED taillights are designed as a constellation according to the brand. Kia

Digital and sustainable for this new electric SUV

On the EV9 model board, this is where it all happens. First, digital technology is everywhere, between the digital screens of the mirror cameras that replace the traditional ones (optional), the Kia logo that flashes on the steering wheel, the digital panoramic panel with three screens, the head-up display, etc. Some buttons are hidden and light up when the car is started. Note that the Kia Connect Store online software will enable or disable the device remotely through simple updates, such as unlocking pilot parking assistance, new light signatures, etc.. Second, the material is also worth considering. Kia claims its commitment to sustainability and therefore has equipped its new electric SUV with ten things called sustainability. No more natural animal skin, hello bio-polyurethane leather substitute, recycled plastic and fabrics, and other bio-based paints, etc., to wear dashboards, doors, pillars and seats.


Ten sustainable features such as bio-polyurethane leather substitute and recycled plastic cladding inside the Kia EV9. Kia

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6 or 7 seat configurations on board

Finally, the most surprising thing is the space on board offered by this car. Large people can easily fit there, even in the back with more proper legroom. The Kia EV9 offers several configuration options for the European market. You can make a tea room there with the first six-seater version and its two 180-degree rotating chairs on the second row, the residents of the second row face the third ones (configuration in 2 + 2 + 2). Another configuration is a seven-seater 2+3+2, and is one of the first 100% electric models on the market to accommodate multiple passengers. With this configuration, we can also mention the Skoda Vision 7S, which is not yet on sale. On the other hand, if the trick should be emphasized, comfort is a completely different story in this configuration, since you crush your feet and bend your knees … Remember that the trunk is bigger than a minivan, with 333 liters .


In the Kia EV9, the second row seats rotate 180 degrees. Kia

Kia EV9 and its high price

Now let’s talk about what’s under the hood. The EV9 will be available with rear or all-wheel drive. The electric motors are powered by a 99.8 kW battery. Kia claims for this model a charge autonomy of up to 541 kilometers of autonomy, but the model is in the process of approval. And the payment of the promise will be made quickly, as the driver will be able to charge his large SUV at the terminal with 239 km of additional freedom in just 15 minutes with a very fast charging function at 800 V, as provided by the brand.

To afford this electric car, you will have to manage your budget. Placed at the top of the range, the EV9 SUV does not yet have a price, but estimates would fix around 90,000 euros, or even slightly less, for the entry-level model. Prices won’t be known until June, preempting the first sale in pre-orders at the start of the school year. The first delivery will take place at the beginning of 2024 in France.


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