Krack: “Aston Martin is ahead of Mercedes, we are no longer in no man’s land” –

Krack: “Aston Martin is ahead of Mercedes, we are no longer in no man’s land” –

Aston Martin TP Krack talked about how Alonso and Stroll are no longer in no man’s land but in front of Mercedes.

Behind Red Bull’s performance leadership is a new team that is clearly growing. Aston Martin has actually shown at the beginning of 2024 how it has been huge margins for growth. Right now the English team too faster than Mercedes thus leaving the known “no land”. TP talked about it Mike Crack.

Krack: “Aston Martin faster than Mercedes”

Aston Martin looks to be one of the fastest growing teams at the start of the season. Despite the clear superiority of Fernando Alonso over Lance Stroll, the improvements of the AMR24 can be seen. In the opening race in Bahrain, the team appeared to be the fifth team on the track, placing the cars in ninth and eighth place. Fernando Alonso finished fifth in Saudi Arabia and sixth in Australia.

In Japan then the two-time world champion said that he is one of them the best weekend of his career. This shows how Aston Martin is slowly growing and able to have its own opinion on the track together with the heads of the class. In this case also take advantage of the difficult time of Mercedes.

Photo Credit: Aston Martin X

Aston Martin TP Mike Krack spoke precisely about this aspect, below are the words reported by

“We didn’t seem to be in no-man’s land. We seem to be in the pack. We were in front of Mercedes. So it’s very encouraging. We were never threatened, so to speak. We’ll see, we’ll have to prove it in the next race. In Japan we seemed to be very close to the leaders of the class and now we need to understand what all these improvements have allowed us to do. Cars are complex and sometimes you need more time to understand what you have changed. It was not easy with the lost session (FP2) we had on Friday. So we are learning a lot about it.”

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