Lamborghini, here is a movie on Amazon Prime that tells the story of the Italian house

Lamborghini, here is a movie on Amazon Prime that tells the story of the Italian house

It is called “Lamborghini-The Man behind the Legend”, an Amazon Prime Video production that tells the story of the birth of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s dream, from the countryside of Ferrara to the creation of a brand known worldwide.

Fabio Fagnani

– Milan

“For example, if a customer even from England or Spain calls us about a problem with one of our cars, the technician comes out during the day by plane to reach him, fixes the problem and apologizes, after that we also send him a letter with a gift. Of course, it is a procedure that costs us, but it is a cost that pays because the customer who has had this kind of service then tells everyone about it”. , with perseverance, dedication, genius and madness, became the man behind Ferrari. The film “Lamborghini: The man behind the Legend”, an original production for Amazon Prime Video, directed by Bobby Moresco and starring Mira Sorvino, Frank Grillo, Gabriel Byrne and Italians Matteo Leoni, Romano Reggiani, Fortunato Cerlino and rapper Clementine.

lamborghini seen from america

The feature film produced by Prime Video is a more than ninety-minute fresco of the story of Ferruccio Lamborghini, from farm life with his father to the creation of the Lamborghini Miura. A cross-section of Ferruccio’s life between some off-track people, some fictional history invented for the occasion and a series of oddly arranged episodes. Amazon wanted to represent the Italian icon – now owned by the Volkswagen Group – with artists somewhere between the US and Italy. The result is similar to many other “Hollywoodised” domestic products that try to win over critics, but lose what distinguishes the events and characters that lived through them. There is a loss of original, regional, originality in favor of a more “cool” and attractive look, but without the soul, without the heart of Made in Italy. And this is reflected in the work of Bobby Moresco. It seems to be at a masquerade party and moments of high level pathos are mixed with this “confused” feeling that will probably only be recognized by the Italian market.

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The story is divided into several basic parts of the life of Ferruccio Lamborghini and his company. It begins with the life of the peasants, then the first speed models, passing successfully with tractors and the change of social class: from the worker to the bourgeois, but still too young “intellectual” to understand the genius of Enzo Ferrari who looks bad in the eyes of Ferruccio. . An evil that must be defeated, in reality defeated in a dream, but also a reality race between two brands that have made the history of luxury four wheels in Italy and around the world. During the film, the director refers to the attempt to overtake Ferruccio in his Lamborghini against Enzo Ferrari who is defending himself from the attacks. Among the most interesting events, there is a plot point that allows Lamborghini to be Lamborghini, not just a tractor company. Geneva Motor Show in 1964. Ferruccio’s light bulb turns on just six months before: he needs a car. It will be called the Lamborghini 350GT. In addition to Ferruccio, there are three important people behind the project: Gian Paolo Dallara (former Maserati employee), Giotto Bizzarini (former Ferrari) and Franco Scaglione (former Alfa Romeo). The goal is difficult, in fact impossible. In Ferruccio’s mind the car would be revolutionary: fast, powerful and highly innovative, all in just six months. Ferruccio’s charm attracts everyone, even the skeptics. However, the challenge with Enzo Ferrari is just beginning.


When Ferruccio envisions creating luxury cars, Ferrari is already an internationally known name thanks to Formula 1 and the quality and charm of the Running Horse. You need a logo, brand, animal. Ferruccio seems to be obsessed with the shape of Enzo Ferrari and he too, as with the Maranello brand, chooses a four-parted one to represent his vision: the bull. Other episodes emerge from there, but the feeling is that “Lamborghini – The Man Behind the Legend” cannot fully describe the greatness of the journey that led the farmer from Ferrara to become one of the most famous and important people in the world.