Letter from Europe; California Pot Holes, MB Vs. Ferrari; Kia Vs Kia, QX55 Vs.

Letter from Europe; California Pot Holes, MB Vs. Ferrari; Kia Vs Kia, QX55 Vs.

Letter From Europe: California Pot Holes

The roads of California have been a source of vexation for many a driver, with the state’s crumbling infrastructure taking a toll on cars and drivers alike. From the San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles, the state’s potholes have become a symbol of the Golden State’s crumbling infrastructure.

To put California’s infrastructure woes into perspective, one need look no further than a comparison of two opposite ends of the automotive spectrum: a Mercedes-Benz and a Ferrari. The former is the workhorse of the automotive world, with its reliable German engineering, while the latter is the epitome of performance and luxury.

When it comes to performance on California’s roads, however, neither of these cars fares well. The Mercedes-Benz is built to handle the punishment of Germany’s autobahns, but the state’s pot-holed roads are too much for even the most luxurious of vehicles. The Ferrari, meanwhile, is built for the track, but it is ill-equipped to handle the state’s potholes.

The same can be said for the Kia, the Korean automaker’s budget offering. While it may be able to handle the everyday wear and tear of California’s roads, it is not designed to take on the intense punishment of the state’s potholes. On the other hand, the more expensive QX55, Kia’s top-of-the-line luxury SUV, is built to handle pot holes with ease.

In California, where the roads can be a driver’s worst nightmare, the car one chooses can make all the difference. From the Mercedes-Benz to the Ferrari, and from the Kia to the QX55, the right car can make all the difference when it comes to navigating the state’s potholed roads.