Lincoln Mayor Gaylor Baird endorsed by fire union

Lincoln Mayor Gaylor Baird endorsed by fire union

The Lincoln Fire Fighters Association (LFFA) has announced its endorsement of Mayor Gaylor Baird for reelection in the upcoming 2021 election. The LFFA, which represents approximately 200 firefighters in the city, cited Baird’s commitment to upholding public safety as the driving factor in their decision to endorse her.

In a statement released by the union, President Joe Johnson credited Baird for her tireless efforts to protect the safety of Lincoln’s citizens.

“Mayor Baird has shown a deep commitment to public safety since day one,” Johnson said. “She has been a staunch advocate for fire department resources and has worked tirelessly to ensure our department has the necessary equipment and personnel to keep our community safe.”

Baird expressed her gratitude for the endorsement and praised the union for their hard work and dedication to the city.

“I am humbled and honored to have the endorsement of the Lincoln Fire Fighters Association,” Baird said. “The men and women of this organization have served our community with distinction and I am proud to have their support.”

The endorsement is a major win for Baird, who has made public safety a top priority of her administration. In addition to increasing the fire department’s budget, Baird has also supported the hiring of additional firefighters and the expansion of the department’s training and recruitment program.

The LFFA’s endorsement of Baird reflects the mayor’s continued work to ensure the safety of the Lincoln community. As the city moves forward into 2021, the union’s support of Baird provides an indication of her commitment to a safe and secure future for the citizens of Lincoln.