Lotus Eater with a new album at the end of the year.  We have one

Lotus Eater with a new album at the end of the year. We have one

Rose and Lucy love to lead new paths. For over 10 years they have been doing this through solo and quartet projects like Lotus Eater. Their collective breaking down of the barriers between techno and experimental music has borne other fruit.

List of features Seth Horvitz (Rose) and Luci Mortellaro (Lucy) for modern electronics defies audio logic. It causes pleasantness and pleasantness in general. The two unique artists are famous for their interest in microtonal music, the limits of perception, reconciling friendship and esotericism, harmonizing the fields of technology and biology through psychedelic music and ritual practices. Their live performances are very rare. Once they happen, it is impossible to approach them indifferently.


The Lotus Eater. Fun time

The game started in 2018 The Lotus Eater it lasts from the album Desatura and several live shows, including in Poland: ongoing Reviving the Festival or soon in Bialystok FORM. The duo’s second LP, like their first, will be released via Stroboscopic artifacts. The premiere will be preceded by a new live audio-visual act. Plasma it is also a continuation of the one released earlier this year Playing Wanton Witch for Lucy and references to the first album Wanton Which from a queer group NOT YOURS from Bangkok.

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Plasma it uses a single, booming impulse to produce a collection of sounds and rhythms like a slow volcanic eruption, playing with our sense of time and significance. Light and hot, free and fast, spacious and big

the creators explain.

Lotus Eater (Lucy & Rrose) – Plasma

Lucy and Rose they are hitting season synthesis and programming again. They eschew the usual techno instrumentation. The Lotus Eater they use synthesized sound and feedback as primary sources to produce textual and audio elements. Each song creates a complex narrative from a simple and restricted set of sound sources. It is due again after four years.