Maserati CEO: Combustion engines celebrate their “last dance”

Maserati CEO: Combustion engines celebrate their “last dance”

Maserati CEO Davide Grasso explained at a roundtable event in London how the Italian luxury car brand, part of the Stellantis group, wants to make sure its electric cars are just as fun as those with internal combustion engines. “We don’t sell engines, we sell luxury driving experiences“, he said. At Maserati, which has just presented its first electric car for the GranTurismo Folgore, it is assumed that its electric cars will have the same charisma as its gasoline-powered sports cars.

He said that replacing it with an electric drivetrain would still provide driving pleasure; although the internal combustion engine is an integral part of older models. “If you’re going to give away a highly prized puzzle piece, you need to make sure you’re replacing it with something that’s at the same level, if not better.“, Grasso indicated where the trip is going.”Our goal is to provide the same experience at the benchmark level with a system of electric motors compared to a combustion engine.“, he continued.

Maserati aims to replicate the driving sensation of its combustion engine sports cars in its electric versions through the judicious placement of motors and batteries, Grasso explained. To maintain the typical driving behavior of a Maserati, two electric motors are provided on the rear axle and one electric motor on the front axle. The driving behavior of future e-sports cars compared to combustion engines must “stableaccording to the CEO,because we have to take Maserati’s DNA into the future and respect the brand“.

Maserati has also focused on creating a voice for electric vehicles that reflects the brand’s values. The sound produced for more than 18 months is based on the noise generated by electric motors. “Just because it doesn’t make a lot of noise doesn’t mean an electric car is boring“, he added.

Maserati’s GranTurismo Folgore, which will go on sale this summer, is the brand’s first electric car designed as part of its plan to switch to electric power by 2030. However, Grasso believes the combustion engine could shut down before that date. a self-imposed end due to the rapid spread of electronic vehicles. “The pace of movement towards electricity is accelerating – the turning point is behind us“, he said. The combustion engine is on its way to him “the last dance“says Grasso.

Source: Dezeen – “If most electric cars are dull, this is an opportunity”