Matthias Malmedie tests the Corvette C8: “A really amazing car”

Matthias Malmedie tests the Corvette C8: “A really amazing car”

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From: Simon Mones

Matthias Malmedie tested the Corvette C8 for his YouTube channel. The American sports car turns out to be very economical.

There are cars that enjoy cult status. One of them is the Chevrolet Corvette. Like many other models, the sports car will also be in the future to be on the road only by electricity. The days of the supercharged V8 and large displacement are numbered. Reason enough for Matthias Malmedie to test the new Corvette C8 Stingray again.

“It’s an old-school game,” says Grip’s manager. “That doesn’t happen very often anymore!” Accordingly, he is sure that there will be a run of cars, Corvette C8. Matthias Malmedie does not perform the performance test due to cold tires. Instead, he wants to know how economical and cost-effective you can drive a sports car from the USA.

How economical can a Corvette be? Matthias Malmedie discovered. © YouTube (Matthias Malmedie)

Matthias Malmedie drives the Corvette C8: “A really amazing car”

First of all, the manager of the trap wants to know: “Is it instead of warming up, it is a leisure trip on the highway. Despite the sports package, he does Corvette C8 there is nothing. On the contrary, the sports car feels good even at slow speeds and thanks after 100 kilometers with an average consumption of only 6.5 liters.

Even Matthias Malmedie is surprised by this: “How does that work, please?” He gives the answer himself a little later. Because even at 200 km / h, Corvette shows only 2,000 rpm. But there is another way: Under full load in a race or game mode. After about 100 kilometers, the on-board computer shows a consumption of 30.4 liters.

Matthias Malmedie drives a Corvette C8: an average consumption of 10 liters is possible

However, this value is not true, emphasizes the car expert. However, the average usage of about 13,000 kilometers used so far is more significant. It’s 12.9 liters and that’s in an unreserved press car. “Everybody’s trying the thing and trying to figure out how the thing goes in the corner,” he does Matthew Malmedie clearly He considers an average consumption of 10 liters to be possible.

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The only thing that bothers the trap master is that the back tubes are also not black: “It must be toned. How does that look?” All in all, the Corvette is a “pretty amazing car”. Comments shared by his fans:

  • “I just love the C8, I think it’s great all around!”
  • “Wonderful car.!! Great job, great design, great engine!
  • “The best car and at the same time also the highest processing quality”
  • “A good all-rounder. You can roll comfortably, but you can also drive very fast.”