Max Verstappen on Adrian Newey: “Inspires everyone” / Formula 1

Max Verstappen on Adrian Newey: “Inspires everyone” / Formula 1

The fact that Red Bull Racing has built a strong GP car this year is not only because of the work of Adrian Newey, explains Verstappen. But design thinking is important to the team, he insists.

Last year, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez, together with the entire Red Bull Racing team, were able to enjoy the best GP car and the corresponding number of records. But despite many victories, the team from Milton Keynes presented a GP race for the current season that is very different from its predecessor.

This means that the Red Bull Racing Team continues to be successful: Verstappen was able to celebrate two victories in the first three races, only in Melbourne he had to retire early due to a brake failure. However, he is confident about the upcoming race weekend in Suzuka. As was the case last year, the Dutchman traveled to Japan after a tough fight.

When asked about it, Verstappen explained: “This time is different from last year, because we had a difficult weekend in Singapore. But in Melbourne this year we were fast, we didn’t just finish the race. In general, our car likes fast corners, so I hope we can show what we can do again this weekend.”

The fact that Red Bull Racing has such a strong car is due to the work of creative genius Adrian Newey. But that’s not all, as Verstappen emphasized: “We have a lot of people in the team working on the car, so the whole thing is a team effort. Everyone’s ideas were taken into account and we used them to make the car we have today. Of course it’s encouraging for everyone to have someone like Adrian in the team.”