Mayoral election Kaiserslautern: Digital heat exchange in the election campaign

Mayoral election Kaiserslautern: Digital heat exchange in the election campaign

What exactly does “Herzlich digital” mean? Where does the city stand in the digital competition between cities? And what projects and actions are pending or currently planned in Kaiserslautern? On this basis, the happy digital team invited all the candidates for the mayor’s office to an interview.

Under the umbrella brand “Herzlich digital”, Kaiserslautern has been driving the city’s development into a national intelligence flagship since 2017. In a one-hour video conference, Herzen introduced himself digitally to Beate Kimmel (SPD), Tobias Wiesemann (Die Grünen), Anja Pfeiffer (CDU), Rainer Rocholl (Die Basis) and independent candidates Thomas Kürwitz and Evangelos Karanikas, leave room for questions and discussion.

“A dedicated and constructive exchange”

“We are happy that our invitation was accepted by all the candidates,” explains Chief Digital Officer and Managing Director of GmbH, Ilona Benz. “The dedicated and constructive exchange showed us that the candidates have recognized digitization as a key topic for Kaiserslautern as a science and IT area. I am pleased with the thanks and positive signals we have received from the group of candidates regarding the continuation of our work”, Ilona Benz emphasizes the message the most important.
In terms of content, candidates had many questions, suggestions and ideas for the dynamic digital team. “These were very exciting discussions, in which topics such as new work and change management also found their place. We are trying to transfer new ways of working, which are facilitated and promoted by digitalization, from our team culture to the administration. For We will certainly take inspirations and ideas from the appointment with us and we hope for a fruitful cooperation with the newly elected mayor,” says Dirk Andres, head of the digital department, summarizing the exchange.

It also concerns the future of the city and the continuation of the projects, as Dr. Martin Memmel, head of the Smart City Living Lab at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence, summarizes: “It was very important for us to hear what plans the candidates are pursuing in relation to digitization in Kaiserslautern. The current background collection of Smart City funding and “Our unique team is a unique opportunity. Bringing these projects together is of course very important to us and is largely dependent on the approval of the mayor.”

Optionally: On February 12, Kaiserslautern elects the successor of the outgoing mayor, Dr. Claus Weichel. All information about the election can be found online at: