Mazda Xedos 9 (1997) – Activist Wanted

Mazda Xedos 9 (1997) – Activist Wanted

You may have forgotten the Mazda Xedos label, but today we would like to remind you of the Mazda Xedos 9. This luxury sedan from the 90s is looking for a new owner.

In the 1980s, the sales of many Japanese brands around the world increased and by the 1990s they gained more confidence. This led, for example, to the launch of Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand, but Mazda also wanted to attack the established ‘premium’ order. It did so here in Europe with its own brand name, but stuck the new Xedos name behind it, followed by a number it borrowed from bread and butterfamily member In 1992, for example, we first got acquainted with the Xedos 6, which shared its base with the 626, and then the Xedos 9 appeared in 1993 as a higher-level brother of the 929, which has already disappeared here. it was the flagship of Mazda’s European fleet.

Like the Xedos 6, the Xedos 9 got a body dominated by round shapes, opaque headlights and a more dignified grille than regular Mazdas. The interior also seemed to be more creatively decorated than usual and if needed you can get the Xedos 9 with almost all the modern conveniences of the time. The choice of engine was surprising, because it started with a 2.0 liter V6. Normal stroke volume for a six-cylinder, but it did its job better than a four-cylinder. Those who wanted a little more spice could go for the 2.3 V6 which went according to the Miller cycle, which was unique at the time. The most popular option, however, was the 2.5-liter V6, which ended up being the only option and also found in the Mazda Xedos 9 seen here.

In this case, a bigger engine doesn’t mean you also had more money to spend. The Xedos 9 was more expensive with a 2.3 on board, which was also more powerful. In addition, you can also go for four-wheel steering with 2.5 and this article does not have that. In that sense, it’s a classic Xedos 9, although with the 2.0 you put your hand on the purse strings. This article also has about everything you could wish for in terms of basic electric use in your car in 2023. For example, all the windows are electrically operated, as are the side mirrors, there is air conditioning and cruise control, but there is also a window Electric sliding on the roof. Especially the latter can be delicious at this time of year. It’s also an automatic transmission, which you prefer in a car like this.

It all looks good, right? There are only a few limitations. For example, the seat upholstery does not look very clean and there is a cover around the steering wheel for a reason. With 354,000 kilometers on the counter, this Mazda Xedos 9 already has the necessary experience behind it. However, he must be able to handle it. In addition, it appears to have had only one owner, so that also argues for this article. Finally, there is the asking price: €1,999. We think you’ll still get a lot of car for that money.