MCU star Chris Pratt breaks down Indiana Jones rumors because he’s afraid of Harrison Ford’s ghost

MCU star Chris Pratt breaks down Indiana Jones rumors because he’s afraid of Harrison Ford’s ghost

Filming on Indiana Jones 5 finally wrapped a few months ago. For scheduled to be released in late June 2023 so there is nothing stopping it. After the sequel, Harrison Ford, who has turned 80 years old, is likely to hang up his hat and whip.

like Heir to the iconic role Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt has been in the conversation for years. The MCU actor has now responded to a recent podcast appearance.

The Marvel star turns down the role of Indiana Jones

Like Different report, Chris Pratt spoke as a guest in the Happy Sad ConfusedThe podcast also on the recurring rumor that he is set to follow in Ford’s Indiana Jones footsteps. He can’t think and he vehemently denies the rumors based on an old Ford statement:

No, aren’t they doing Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford? All I know is that I once saw Harrison Ford quote it and I don’t even know if it was him, but it was enough to scare me. It was like, ‘If I die, Indiana Jones dies.’ and I think to myself I will be haunted by the ghost of Harrison Ford one dayIf he dies, should I play for him…?

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The quote that Pratt cited is from Ford himself. In 2019, the star spoke about it There is no other actor for the role of Indiana Jones after that they would enter into the question.

Disney, on the other hand, is said to be planning a larger Indiana Jones universe after Part 5. At the beginning of 2021 it was known that the group several Disney+ movies and series should develop. The expansion of the Star Wars franchise perhaps serves as an example. As it stands, this world will have to evolve without Chris Pratt as Indy’s successor.

Indiana Jones 5 with Harrison Ford will open June 29, 2023 in our cinema.

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Can you imagine Chris Pratt as the new Indiana Jones?