Mercedes-Benz 250 S from 1966 – Oldtimers in Auto Motor Klassiek

Mercedes-Benz 250 S from 1966 – Oldtimers in Auto Motor Klassiek

Epic-Auctions will auction a private collection on November 11. There is not only a wide selection of classic cars, but also various classic motorcycles and mopeds. Things like old petrol pumps, jukeboxes and various cars are also included. Our eye fell on a 1966 Mercedes-Benz 250 S. An automatic.

The first thing you notice when you look at this Mercedes-Benz 250 S is the elegance and class it exudes. It’s a classy, ​​stylish car from the high sixties.


In matching black and finished with a range of chrome accents. The straight lines of the model named W108 make it timeless. You are immediately impressed by the shape and details of the car and almost forget that the design is more than 55 years old. It gives luxury, because in those years everyone was used to folding the front seats in most cars if you want to get in the back. So once you’ve driven this four-door Mercedes-Benz 250 S, you’ve just arrived! Speaking of luxury, this W108 is also equipped with automatic transmission, leather upholstery, power steering and a well-functioning music factory, radio. Not common choices at the time either.


The 250 S was introduced in 1965 and was built until 1969. It was a completely new model in the Mercedes model line and the first of a new generation, which later produced the classic sedans 280 SE 4.5 and 300 SEL 6.3. All three models shared a body designed by Paul Bracq. Its clean lines characterize the model’s timeless elegance that has a timeless appeal even today. There is no such thing as a stylish excess, the quality Mercedes-Benz has never been guilty of with its design language. The new W108 models were technically based on the basis of their predecessors, so reliability was guaranteed.

Technical development

In addition to the new body, there were new technical details to report two 2.5-liter engines, which were developed by increasing the bladder and stroke of the existing Mercedes 2.2-liter engines. This model also had a seven-bearing crankshaft and an oil-water heat exchanger ensured better heat load in the oil system. It has independent front and rear suspension and four-wheel power disc brakes. The engine is a six-cylinder 2.5 liter inline with a high camshaft that still runs amazingly and silky smooth at high speeds. The factory says a power of 170 hp at 5600 revolutions per minute. A number that is not available in practice with this Mercedes-Benz 250 S because the LPG installation is installed. In any case, this small power loss does not outweigh the many advantages of LPG. It is environment friendly and the price at the pump is more friendly than diesel or petrol due to low excise duty. Especially these days! For its 56-year-old car, the car is of course also tax-free, which makes the benefits even greater.

In the shade

The passion for the Mercedes-Benz 250 S has been there since the beginning and has not changed until today. The stylish model is a relief when you drive it on the public road among today’s SUVs and crowded ‘small’ cars. Any modern Polo, Clio or Cinquecento is the same in the shadow of this ancient gentleman. A certain error has occurred in the language of fiction in recent decades. Models from the sixties and seventies are even better. The 250s are an example of this, just a work of art!


More information about this car can be found through the website. And of course you can also find other lots that are part of this auction. Viewing days are November 5 between 9 am and 4 pm, November 10 between 9 am and 8 pm, as well as November 11 between 9 am and 12 pm. The auction itself starts on November 11 at 12 pm and ends that day at 6 pm. The cars can be viewed at the auction location Wilhelminalaan 3 in Vessem. It’s definitely worth checking out, even if you don’t submit a bid or want to do so online only. It is also possible to bring the classics yourself.