Mercedes-Benz 560 05/1988 for sale at 23900€

Mercedes-Benz 560 05/1988 for sale at 23900€

Prices for the revolutionary W126 have been rising for years. It is not unusual for 560 coupes to sell for more than ? 60,000, — offered. Missed the train? Not necessarily, we have something interesting here. Not a class 1 car, but a good example:

We offer you a Mercedes 560 SEC from the Cote d’Azur with a super rare 299 hp engine and only 130,000 km mileage. Distance can be tracked through French TÜV reports. There is a workshop history from 2004 and 76,400 km.

In addition to standard equipment, this model also has:

Trip Calculator
Electric sliding/tilting sunroof
Radio Becker Mexico Cassette
Cargo nets on the front seats and rear seats
Orthopedic driver’s seat
The bones of the passenger’s spine
Heated the seat on the right
Left seat heating
parking heater
Headrests at the back
driver’s airbag
Electrically adjustable steering column
ASR slip control / limited slip differential
automatic climate control
Insulating glass, green, with band filter
fire extinguisher
Lamp washing system

We are selling this Mercedes with a new TÜV (11/2024) and H license number, as well as all the necessary registration documents in Germany.

The coupe’s sheet metal is healthy, the jacking points too, the rear window frame is tight.

The technology works flawlessly, the engine has excellent emission values ​​and automatic changes as it should in both driving programs. The braking system has very good values ​​and the guy on the bottom made the TÜV engineer give an appreciative comment. You can’t go wrong with an old Mercedes like that. He passed the TÜV full acceptance as well as the exhaust gas test and the H certificate immediately.

The comfort functions are there: All windows operate, both seat heaters work on both levels, the sun enters all the necessary spaces, the climate does not make ice cubes, but there is a noticeable cooling capacity. When it comes to the hard work of a trip calculator, I’m not sure if it can do everything it’s supposed to, but it does provide a variety of information. The cruise control works, the Becker radio plays, the channel search works, the cassette deck does not work – which may also be due to my 44 year old ABBA cassette, I only have this one cassette. In the retracted position, the automatic antenna extends approximately 8 cm. All displays and instruments show the outside temperature on the liquid crystal display without any pixel errors. The electric seats with memory also work perfectly, the back of the driver’s seat is small, the seat belts work perfectly. Windshield wipers and washers, as well as the headlight washer system work as they should.

The color is not good: the sides of the coupe were previously painted with poor quality, the clear coat has an orange peel. The thickness of the layer is about 0.3 mm to the bottom of the sheet metal – at this width of the proverbial hair there is no room for a spatula and we also have a written guarantee from the previous owner that the coupe is accident-free. Body and chrome have small scratches or streaks here and there.

So it’s not a high-end collector’s car, but an honest-to-goodness used car with an unrestricted 299 hp top engine and high-end equipment at a realistic price. 30 years ago the Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC was a dream car out of reach for many, now it has become affordable for some time. So your chances are pretty good that the coupe will one day make you money when it’s resold – and it’s not that bad. Or maybe you don’t want to give it up at all.