Microreactors increased |  Investing.com

Microreactors increased | Investing.com

Whether in England or Alaska, the topic of small mills can stand for the supply of green energy.

A small power plant is scheduled to be operational at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska by 2027. It will provide heat and electricity. Soldiers are not useless energy consumers. The US has more than 400 sites and CO2 emissions and energy will also be stored here. Energy from the wind and the sun is not enough, because in the failure of the military sector it should be avoided and the security of supply should be guaranteed. Therefore, the issue of energy security is also important in this area. In the Navy there are so-called pressurized water plants. Eielson Air Force Base is located in a barren area where it can sometimes be -60 degrees Celsius (NASDAQ: But if the project is successful, the industrial exploitation of the fourth generation reactors will be possible.

In the UK, Rolls Royce (LON:) is eyeing the construction of small mills. An advantageous “minis” signal, it can transmit to remote areas and can be installed quickly. There is also a floating nuclear power plant, Akademik Lomonossow. The construction period lasted ten years. It was supposed to provide heat and electricity in the far east of Russia. The giant nuclear company responsible for this, Rosatom, uses technology that already powers nuclear-powered submarines and ships. Today the floating power station supplies the town of Pewek. Microreactors haven’t stopped yet. So it’s kind of a race to be the first to have a mobile phone. In any case, nuclear power is an important building block in the energy mix and will remain so for a very long time. Therefore, and uranium companies will not go out of style soon. Among the uranium companies are IsoEnergy (TSXV:) and Consolidated Uranium (TSXV:).

IsoEnergy owns three uranium projects in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Valley, one of the major uranium districts. The summer search program is now pending.

Combined uranium is one of the companies that are ready to start at short notice. The projects are located in Canada, Australia, Argentina and the United States.

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