Mirnesa S., who is suspected of being a millionaire thief in Stuttgart, was arrested

Mirnesa S., who is suspected of being a millionaire thief in Stuttgart, was arrested

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From: Miriam Haberhauer

Three months ago, a woman from Stuttgart stole more than one million euros from her employer. The woman has now been arrested.

Update from January 24, 2:15 pm: The alleged thief Mirnesa S. was arrested on Monday evening at Stuttgart Airport. “He wanted to surrender, he asked his lawyer to contact the police and he also said when he would arrive at Stuttgart Airport,” said the police spokesman of the arrest of Mirnesa S. on the RTL television channel.

Mirnesa S. therefore came from Montenegro. The spokesman said he appeared calm when he was arrested. Officials would receive the woman, who had been on the run since October 2022, at Stuttgart Airport.

Stuttgart: The thief who owes a million Mirnesa S. is arrested

Update from January 24, 1:15 pm: In a press release, the police in Stuttgart confirmed the arrest of a suspected thief of millions. “On Monday evening (January 23, 2023), police officers arrested a 42-year-old woman who was wanted by a public search and an international arrest warrant and who is suspected of stealing more than one million euros as a cashier company. of transportation,” officials said.

He previously announced through his lawyer that he would surrender. Around 7.45 pm the arrest took place at Stuttgart Airport. The woman was brought before a judge on Tuesday, who executed an existing arrest warrant. “The investigation of the whereabouts of the money is ongoing,” it said.

Stuttgart: The thief who owes a million Mirnesa S. seems to have been arrested

Update from January 24, 12:50 pm: Alleged millionaire thief Mirnesa S. has apparently been arrested at Stuttgart Airport. That reports picture. More information about her arrest and whether the woman has been in Germany since the alleged theft in October 2022 is not known.

At the time, the 42-year-old is said to have robbed his employer – a Stuttgart money transfer company – and stolen more than one million euros. Since then, the woman has been on the run, and the police are looking for her. Just a few days ago, Mirnesa S.’s TikTok video appeared. Now it seems he has been arrested.

Millionaire thief: Stuttgart woman takes pictures on TikTok

First report from January 22: Munich – In the middle of October 2022, an employee of a money transfer company in Stuttgart robbed his own employer. he must almost a million euros stolen and he was wanted by the police after the incident.

Mirnesa S. from Stuttgart has been missing since being robbed of millions – but now the alleged thief has appeared in a video on the social network TikTok. The 50-second clip shows the millionaire thief driving a Fiat 500. Along with his passenger, who uploaded the video to his account, Mirnesa sings Balkan songs.

As reported by t-online, the Stuttgart native sings along to the 90s hit “Udri Mujo” – in German “Hit it, Mujo”. The song continues: “Not even a kiss is like it used to be – in vain. (…) Life is not like it used to be.” What the brave thief wants to convey with these words is unclear, and why his accomplice posted the video online in the first place.

The thief of millions finds imitators: your colleague steals a lot of money

The fugitive from Stuttgart is still wanted by the police. The police offered a reward of 37,500 euros for useful information. Also by way of ZDF-Ads “Aktenzeichen XY … Unsolved”, the police already tried to follow the thief: “The suspect is a woman 1.74 meters tall with blue-green eyes and blond hair. She has many tattoos on her body.”

Police are looking for Mirnesa S. for these photos. © Police Baden-Württemberg/Montage: Merkur.de

The blonde copper thief quickly found an imitator: a A 27-year-old co-worker also stole more than 100,000 euros at the end of December. – The man surrendered to the police a little later, but the loot has not yet been secured. (month)