Misano ePrix, Porsche wins race 2 with Wehrlein after Nissan problems

Misano ePrix, Porsche wins race 2 with Wehrlein after Nissan problems

The details of residual energy are important: on Lap 23 of 26, Wehrlein’s lead is 3% over Rowland, which however widens on lap 25, opens up a gap and starts towards success. Rather, no. The last lap and the Nissan stops on the track, with no more energy left. Wehrlein takes the lead and scores the win.

Sprint to fight for the podium

Behind the Porsche driver is the Dennis-Mueller-Cassidy group competing for the podium. Dennis retains second place, while Mueller’s Abt is overtaken at the finish line by Cassidy’s Jaguarwhich wins by 50 thousand. The disappointment of Abt, the protagonist of the best weekend and 2 ePrix races with the Swiss driver.

The Misano ePrix script was completely different from the reserve races held on Saturday, chaos for two thirds of its development. Two short laps over the race distance allowed the riders to ride better and faster from the start.

On lap 7, the safety car cut short the race due to Frijns’ crash, ended up on the escape route. A lap and a half to reorganize the operators, restore Envision and, surprisingly, neutralization are not compensated by additional laps at the end. A choice that could have rewarded those who disagreed less with energy management, compared to Wehrlein and Cassidy, with the remaining energy in the final rounds.

The fourth was poleman Hughes

From the platform, behind Mueller, the fourth, concludes Hughes, a sorry writer but in a race without the speed to be able to maintain the distance in the top position. In fact, the penalty of 5″, due to the limits of the track, puts him back in eighth place. So, to confirm the competition of the Nissan power train, Fenestraz Quinto, then Sette Camara on Ert, Vergne, and Guenther’s Maseratis and Daruvala, ninth and tenth.

Wehrlein’s doubts about Porsche’s “accounts”.

“Yesterday would have been better, today it was a chaotic race again from the start to the half way point. In the end I didn’t know if I should stay in the lead or control the pace”said Wehrlein. “I was a bit surprised by Rowland and the energy management, I didn’t know if the team had done the calculations correctly.

In Formula E we go from rags to riches quickly, yesterday we were unfortunately victims, due to the damage I got to the front wing, today we are redeeming ourselves.”

Nissan Doubts

Accounts in which Tommaso Volpe emphasized how the data available to Nissan did not anticipate the problem of energy depletion: “We are trying to understand, because all the data was under control, on battery temperature and power. We will have to analyze everyone processes and data.

The team has made great strides, the positive thing is Sacha’s result as well as the race he was leading for the victory. It’s a very positive weekend and it’s clearly frustrating that Oliver was just a few corners away from victory. Sometimes punctures or other things can happen that you can’t control in motorsport.”

Dennis from a championship point of view

The stage reached by Dennis confirms him at the top of the coexistence championshipdespite a weekend which the English driver certainly does not consider one of his best. “I struggled as soon as they started to pick up the pace at the front and I broke away. I just ran in damage limitation mode, it’s a good way to save points.

Credit to the Porsche powertrain, which is pretty good, overall there is a lot of work to do now towards Munich and qualifying speed, then the championship will begin.”

The Monte Carlo ePrix that awaits Formula E in two weeks, on April 27. Wehrlein and Dennis will lead the championship with 89 points, followed by Rowland with 80 points (despite a zero in race 2 at Misano), Cassidy 76 and Guenther 65.