Mitsubishi ASX review: Is it more than a Captur?

Mitsubishi ASX review: Is it more than a Captur?

Can you first name the metaphorical elephant in the room? Indeed, this does not look like the Mitsubishi ASX, because that is an average crossover that the best alternative can be found by every other brand since its unveiling. And here we see a good crossover that continues with its peers in all areas. In addition, it does not look like a Mitsubishi. And if you look closely, you can recognize a few elements of Renault Captur in it. Sharp insight that you won’t read anywhere else.

You absolutely love the lazy Mitsubishi ASX rebaji mention, but that is not because of convenience. The designer can draw a set of new lights, but the new units will have to be reassembled by the proper authority. Not only is this an expensive process, a new bonnet or front bumper must also be created immediately. With a bit of bad luck, the whole mess has to go through the crash test again and then be factory rebuilt.

Mitsubishi must now have a new model

These are all high development costs that should be recouped, which would make the ASX more expensive than the Captur. And let’s be honest: then go to Captur. Furthermore, Mitsubishi in Europe must have a ‘new’ model now, otherwise not only the designer will be out of a job. That’s why this Mitsubishi ASX now comes to strengthen the Eclipse Cross and Space Star. Later there will be a new Colt, which is definitely not a Renault Clio.

The list of changes is short. Mitsubishi changes the grille including the logo, the center caps, puts another airbag with its logo and the accent color on the body is not gray, but black. You have to look hard to find the Renault logo somewhere, but you can see the familiar diamond in the interior of the hood.

The tailgate is an interesting story. At the factory, plastic is injected into the mold to make the valve, and Renault sticks a large logo in the seemingly generous-sized hole that remains after the injection of the plastic. The Mitsubishi logo doesn’t fit there. A completely new cover is not an option, so Mitsubishi came up with a cover for this hole (which also has a camera) and they write the brand name above the tailgate. They also leave it at Porsche.

Mitsubishi ASX is slightly more expensive than Captur

The result of these efforts is that the Mitsubishi ASX can be built without any additional cost. The entry-level model is about 1,000 euros more expensive in the Netherlands than the Renault, but then you get things like parking sensors, and a five-year warranty instead of two.

Since the car is technically similar to the Captur, we don’t have to say much about it. Everyone will find a comfortable seating position, the chassis is pleasant, the interior is quite suitable for the price range and the driving behavior does not leave a lasting impression, but it sends a nice and light and underpowered.

Mitsubishi covers the entire engine range, even the PHEV. We run a small hybrid and a regular hybrid (without plugging) and for all of them you will not be short of anything. Should you choose ASX or Captur? Simple: first check the options you want and then see which brand offers the cheapest version with those items.

Mitsubishi ASX HEV Intense (2023)


1.598 cc
four-cylinder hybrid
143 pk @ 5.600 tpm
148 + 205 Nm @ 3.600 tpm

front wheels
6v directly

0-100 km/h in 9,9 s
up 170 km/h
Consumption (average)

104 g/km CO2 A label

4.227 x 1.797 x
1.576 mm (lxwxh)
2,639 mm (wheelbase)
1.440 kg
48 liters (petrol)
440 / 1,149 liters (luggage)

€33.490 (NL)
not available (B)