MOZA Racing and Lamborghini team up in motorsport

MOZA Racing and Lamborghini team up in motorsport

MOZA Racing, a leading manufacturer of racing simulation hardware, is proud to announce its partnership with Automobili Lamborghini to sponsor the Lamborghini Esports team. The partnership includes support for Lamborghini racing events such as the Esports The Real Race Super Trofeo, with the launch event taking place at the exclusive Autodromo in Imola, during the Lamborghini Arena weekend on April 6 and 7.

This collaboration between MOZA Competition and Automobili Lamborghini is a landmark in the world of racing simulation, promising an unparalleled combination of creativity and craftsmanship. MOZA Racing, renowned for its technological know-how and commitment to quality, collaborates with Automobili Lamborghini, an icon of prestige and performance.

As part of this partnership, MOZA Racing will provide comprehensive support to Lamborghini drivers, providing them with modern racing equipment and assistance during online competitions. This partnership aims to raise the presence of both brands in the arena of intense and competitive simulation racing.

MOZA and Lamborghini each have unique characteristics that set them apart. MOZA is well known in the simulation racing industry for its technological innovation and quality craftsmanship, while Automobili Lamborghini stands for prestige and consistent performance. The combination of the distinctive characteristics of MOZA and Lamborghini creates a partnership capable of greatly enhancing the simulation racing experience, pushing it to unprecedented levels of authenticity and excitement.

Lamborghini Stadium Overview and Highlights

Designed as a fusion of Lamborghini’s racing heritage and the esports community, the Lamborghini Arena offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in top-level racing. Highlights of the event include:

  • Exclusive Simulator Zone: Experience the thrill of racing with the Automobili Lamborghini Esports team in our exclusive simulation zone, featuring Assetto Corsa Competizione by Kunos Simulazioni and state-of-the-art equipment provided by MOZA Racing.
  • Interactive Experience: Explore interactive exhibits and enjoy exclusive access to the latest Lamborghini models.
  • Networking Opportunity: Connect with other racing enthusiasts and industry leaders in a dynamic environment.

Registration Launch Announcement

Registration for the Real Race Super Trofeo 2024 Esports will open on April 22. This is your chance to prepare for a highly competitive season, showing your skills on the prestigious Assetto Corsa Competizione stage with the Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2. For more information, please visit

Source Moza/Lamborghini for press