Neolun Genesis Concept: Electric SUV as a potential flagship

Neolun Genesis Concept: Electric SUV as a potential flagship

The lineup of SUVs from Genesis, the luxury brand of the Hyundai Group, still seems incomplete. So far it consists of only three series, the GV60, which uses only electricity, the GV70, which is optionally available with an electric drive (see video), and the GV80. There still seems to be room for that, after all, Genesis sedans still have a flagship model called the G90. The GV90 in SUV form is therefore not yet in the US portfolio.

This high-end SUV can currently be announced in the form of the Neolun Concept, which the manufacturer unveiled in its showroom in New York City. The name combines the Greek word “neo” (new) and the Latin word “luna” (moon) in a text that aims to symbolize the brand’s ability to innovate and its vision of the future.

Baby-Tesla (2022)

External design

Classic for Beginners: Two-tone Neolun (“Midnight Black” and “Majestic Blue”) offers an almost straightforward design. The front has honeycomb grilles only in the apron area. In the upper area, along with the brand logo, there are only two pieces of light, and the lower light element bends on both sides from the middle to the middle and is reduced to a point in the middle. This is intended to mimic the shape of the radiator grille familiar from Genesis combustion engine models. The rear takes the concept of the front car’s headlights, with parallel lines to each other. Instead of the Genesis logo, there is Genesis text on the back.

In the side view, the A-pillar, which rises gently towards the roof, and the wide panel at the level of the B-pillar are visible, which makes the front door and especially the front side window look very narrow. The rear door looks wider in comparison, which also applies to the rear side window. The roofline features a folding roof rack and is integrated into the rear section in a smooth curve, which takes on the strong look of the side skirts with metallic accents in the lower area. The large wheels are characterized by a flat design and instead of the usual side mirrors, rear-view cameras can be seen.

internal space

It is not entirely clear where their pictures are displayed; Matching monitors are missing from the first images of the Genesis Neolun Concept. Accordingly, there is only one large screen that can be changed. This sits in the middle of the dashboard and blocks most of the field of vision through the windshield. Genesis designers arranged the tweeter in the shape of a glass ball with eight control buttons on the bottom. There seems to be an additional control satellite behind the hexagonal steering wheel, which itself has many buttons. We can see additional parts that cannot be touched in the front area of ​​the center console, which is not connected to the dashboard.

The Neolun Genesis concept can be entered through electric and extendable steps and automatically retracts and offers an unusual color concept inside. Cashmere in the color “Royal Indigo” and organically dyed purple leather dominate, with individual spots of light and stripes to set bright accents. Many loudspeakers, which are intended to produce sound like in a concert hall, also create color contrast. The luxury SUV has four individual, front seats that can be rotated backwards. When you look out through the open doors, you see: There is no B-pillar at all; The wide panel described above is therefore a styling feature. The center console is interrupted at the level of the rear well and bends downwards in a spiral. There are two monitors on the roof wall to provide entertainment for the rear passengers.

The concept of abnormal heating

Residents put their feet on real dark wood, which covers the entire floor of the car and is warm. Neolun’s Genesis concept is based on the traditional Korean heating method “Ondol”, in which the stones placed under the floor were heated by fire in earlier times, which in turn heated the floor. This has long been a traditional property in South Korea, although modern underfloor heating is certainly common in the Asian country today. The study of the SUV takes the system further, as there are heating foils on the dashboard, door panels and seats.

Electrical operation

Unfortunately, Genesis has yet to release any information about the Neolun Concept’s drive technology. Just this much: This is the brand’s first electric SUV concept. It would be obvious if this were a complement to the Genesis analogy to Kia’s large electric SUV EV9 and its offshoot Hyundai Ioniq 7. These two models show what can be achieved from the group’s “Electric Global Platform” (E-GMP). in terms of performance and size. With the GV60, Genesis already uses the E-GMP base in a small version. Despite the rotating front seats, nothing is currently known about any autonomous driving technology that may be installed.

Yeah, otherwise I just don’t care.No, designers can get crazy.

With the Neolun Concept, Genesis presents an electric SUV that has a compact design and luxury features. The concept car could be a reference to a future high-end model from the brand that has an electric drive and closes the gap in the SUV range.