New Cupra Leon 2024: details and photos of the restyling

New Cupra Leon 2024: details and photos of the restyling

The Cupra Leon, as well as its Seat counterpart, is set to undergo a mid-career model revision sometime between the end of 2023 and the middle of 2024. The release of the revised version is expected to take place in the summer of 2024. Both the hatchback and station wagon body styles will continue to be offered, providing a wide range of options for consumers.

Maintaining the Traditional Look with a Performance Twist

The branded versions of the seats will retain their classic appearance as mid-range family cars. However, the Cupra Leon will retain its position as a performance-oriented product, offering an exhilarating driving experience. Now, let’s delve into the anticipated improvements that this revision will bring. To gain further insight into what to expect, we have provided a link to a video from a reputable German website, Auto Bild, which outlines the key aspects to watch out for.

Exterior Enhancements: A Fresh Look

The most significant changes to the Cupra Leon will be evident in the headlight clusters, which will sport a new design featuring three triangular-shaped LEDs. Additionally, both the grille and bumper areas will undergo alterations. The large air intake might be reduced, while the radiator grille could have a more solid appearance. Moving to the rear, the taillights are likely to be inspired by the front design, incorporating a light strip that will create a visual connection between the lights.

Interior Consistency with Improved Infotainment

While the overall interior design of the Cupra Leon will remain largely unchanged, there is speculation that the infotainment system screen will be larger, potentially reaching around 14 inches. This upgrade would enhance the overall user experience and provide a more immersive interface for drivers and passengers. Moreover, new body colors and alloy wheel options are expected to be introduced, further expanding customization possibilities.

Powertrain Modifications: Embracing Electrification

The powertrain lineup of the Cupra Leon is anticipated to undergo several modifications, with a particular focus on embracing electrification. The inclusion of a larger electric capacity is expected, and it remains to be seen whether the 2.0-liter petrol engine will also incorporate hybrid technology. This hybrid integration could provide a small boost to efficiency and performance. The top-of-the-range version is likely to see an increase of approximately ten horsepower, pushing it to an impressive 310 HP.

Plug-In Hybrid Versions: Extended Electric Range

The plug-in hybrid variants, both the 204 HP Seat and 245 HP Cupra models, are likely to receive an upgraded battery pack, enabling an extended all-electric range. It is projected that these models could travel up to 80 km in zero-emission mode. Furthermore, there are indications that diesel engines will still be offered, but more information on this front will be provided in the future. We will make sure to keep you updated with any further developments.

Cupra Leon Facelift Spied Testing In Wagon Flavor At The Nürburgring


The upcoming mid-career revision for the Cupra Leon promises exciting enhancements, both in terms of design and performance. While maintaining the traditional appeal of mid-range family cars, the Cupra Leon will continue to deliver a thrilling driving experience. With anticipated improvements to the exterior, interior, and powertrain, including an increased electric capacity and extended electric range for plug-in hybrid variants, the revised Cupra Leon is set to impress car enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting model.