New Dacia Jogger 2022: How much is this 7-seater?  Polish price list –

New Dacia Jogger 2022: How much is this 7-seater? Polish price list –

The new Dacia Jogger starts in the price list from PLN 63,400. During the press conference today at noon, the prices of the latest Dacia model on our market were revealed. It is a vehicle that will replace two passenger models in the brand’s range – Logan MCV and Lodgy.

Dacia Jogger is a slightly elevated station wagon that will fit – depending on the version – five or seven people. The car has an interesting look, although we will be able to say more after seeing it in person. Today, the last day of November, this car is still not available in Poland. We are eagerly waiting for it, as well as a large group of potential customers.

Does the Jogger have a chance to stimulate the Polish market, like other models of the manufacturer from the Renault Group? It really depends on the price. Dacia has made us accustomed to the fact that it appreciates its cars attractively, with a lot of common sense, and at the same time it offers everything that the average driver needs without falling into beauty and luxury. Dacia was not bought to boast of innovative technical solutions in the car market. Dacia is bought to have a new car, at a good price, with adequate equipment, which also does not generate unnecessary costs during operation. What? Jogger also fits all this?

Certainly yes. In addition – there will be no type of Access. It turned out that this type of car should provide a certain minimum and it should not be stripped of equipment at all costs to get two, three or four thousand zlotys in price.

Dacia Jogger will fight in segment C, which in Poland – according to importer data – occupies more than 51% of the market. Jogger is 455 cm long and about 290 cm wheelbase. Ground clearance reaches 200 mm, which is also affected by high tires. On the roof, the rails can be easily converted into a roof rack in the form of crossbeams.

Three versions of the device are planned. There will be six colors in the row. A few? Maybe so, but let’s face it – in conservative Poland, customers rarely choose “crazy” colors. The streets are dominated by gray, black, or perhaps brown and white.


In the power train range, two new additions to the Dacia range – TCe 110 engine and hybrid.
– TCe 110 with a maximum torque of 200 Nm
– TCe 100 LPG with a maximum torque of 170 Nm
– HEV 140 known from other Renault Group hybrid models.

And the price – this is the most important parameter today, especially in the era of high inflation and the falling value of the Polish zloty. Prices start from PLN 63,400.

engine the number of seats Important Comfort Extreme SL
TCE 100 LPG 5 seats PLN 63,400 PLN 71,400 PLN 75,400
TCE 110 PLN 65,400 PLN 73,400 PLN 77,400
TCE 100 LPG 7 seats PLN 66,400 PLN 74,400 78,400 zlotys
TCE 110 PLN 68,400 76,400 PLN PLN 80,400

The price of hybrid versions will be announced later. These versions will enter the market in 2023.

Petrol versions of the Jogger will arrive at dealerships by the end of Q1 2022, and orders can be placed starting tomorrow. Details on the equipment are published here.

Krzysztof Gregorczyk; image: memory

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