New: Dodge Charger, electric muscle car (2024)

New: Dodge Charger, electric muscle car (2024)

Almost half of the United States is undoubtedly in turmoil at this time. Blame it on Dodge. Yes, the country’s flagship brand Uncle Sam has launched its new muscle car, the Charger. Not only has it been longer than the Mercedes S-Class, it also has an electric motor!

Goodbye V8

Indeed, the new generation Charger is electric, hence the name Daytona. So it is equipped with two electric motors (4-wheel drive) with a power of 550 or 670 hp. A supercharger with +1,000 hp under the hood should follow eventually. Thanks to the 100.5 kWh battery, the range should be 400 to 500 km. That’s fine, but that means this Charger weighs 2.6 tons!

However, for those who think an American muscle car needs a gasoline engine under the hood (and we agree), good news follows: The new Charger will also be equipped with an internal combustion engine. The bad news: there should be no illusions about the V8. It will be replaced by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo inline 6-cylinder. It is enough to develop 420 or 550 hp.

The R wing

Visually, the new Charger takes the design of the original Charger. Simple lines and proportions especially terrible. At 5.2 meters, this Charger is longer than the BMW X7! In addition to the coupe, it will also be launched in a 4-door version. The electric version has a special spoiler, called the R-Wing, which allows air to pass through the grille to guide it over the hood.

Dodge-Charger-2024 05

Inside, the Charger sports new colors reminiscent of older models. There are two digital screens, a completely normal dashboard and red stitching for the sports environment. Even the gear selector takes the shape of a pistol, just like on the Chargers of the 70s.