New Kia Cerato 2022: price, data sheet, specifications

New Kia Cerato 2022: price, data sheet, specifications

In our review of the new Kia Cerato 2022 you will learn about the equipment and prices of the car, its dimensions, and you will also find photos of sedan test drives and videos, but at the same time a small tour of the appearance of the car. example.

The world premiere of the fourth generation Kia Cerato took place at the Detroit Auto Show in Detroit in January 2000. The four-door hatchback was presented to the domestic public under the name Forte, which the model is also sold abroad.

Technical specifications

Below are the main specifications of Kia Cerato / KIA Cerato 4 2022 in the new body.

The table lists the most important parameters: external dimensions, fuel consumption (gasoline), ground clearance, weight, trunk and tank volume, engine, transmission, vehicle type, driving performance, etc.


anatomy limousine
car class Class C
length / width / height, mm 4640 / 1800 / 1450
wheel, mm 2700
Land permit (land permit), mm 150
partial space load, l 502
Empty weight kg 1195 – 1235
Fuel tank capacity, l 50

engine and gear

engine type gasoline gasoline
volume, l 1.6 1.6
performance, HP 128 128
Torque, Nm 155 155
Type of gearbox mechanics machine
number of gears 6 6
run ahead ahead
Acceleration 0-100 km/h, s 10.6 11.6
Top speed, km/h 200 195
fuel consumption, l
– City 9.3 9.7
– the distance 5.8 5.8
– combination 7.1 7.2
type of oil 92 92
engine type gasoline
volume, l 2.0
performance, HP 150
Torque, Nm 192
Type of gearbox machine
number of gears 6
run ahead
Acceleration 0-100 km/h, s 9.8
Top speed, km/h 203
fuel consumption, l
– City 10.2
– the distance 5.7
– combination 7.4
type of oil 92

In length, width and height, the new Kia Cerato 2022 reaches 4,640 mm, 1,800 mm and 1,440 mm respectively. The fourth generation sedan has been big in all areas. Its length has increased by 80 mm, its width by 18 mm and its height by 13 mm. The trunk volume has increased to 428 liters (+ 6).

The body is now 54% high strength steel and the body is 16% stiffer. The four-door chassis has been revised for improved comfort and handling.

Kia Cerato 4 is powered by the familiar 2.0-liter turbocharged engine from its predecessor with 147 hp and 179 Nm. In the simplest variant, the given car works in a sheave with six-step mechanics, while the most expensive versions are based on the new variant of IVT (Intelligent Differential Transmission), created by the specialists of the Hyundai-Kia concern.

The new Cerato is the first model from the South Korean brand to feature a continuously variable transmission. It is known that cars with variants have lower fuel consumption (- 0.7 liters), and the engine clutch itself is less stable.

The new Kia Cerato 2022 has a variety of safety systems, but most of them are offered as options. For an extra charge, the car can be equipped with blind spot monitoring, intelligent cruise control, forward collision avoidance and electronic lane departure warning.


In terms of exterior styling, the 2022 Kia Cerato has retained its youthful and sporty look, but has a strong resemblance to the third-generation Ceed, although the Koreans themselves insist that they designed the look of both models based on the Stinger’s aesthetic.

The latter is reminiscent of the front grille, which has the same lattice design and chrome surrounds. The sedan gets headlights that sit back on the hood. By default, these are projection lights, but LED lights are also available in more expensive versions.

The profile of the new Kia Serato has become more thanks to the cabin that is placed at the back and a longer hood (+127 mm). For the first time there are small windows in the rear roof pillars.

The narrow taillights have been redesigned and are visually joined by a horizontal red line. Indicators and reversing lights are now placed very low – directly on the bumper in a special black profile. Their visibility to other drivers has suffered, but the rear design has benefited.

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the interior of the car

The interior of the sedan has also been redesigned. The interior of the new Kia Serato 2022 features a variety of horizontal lines, with elegant circular vents on the sides of the dashboard.

The car has a new instrument panel with clearly marked dials for the tachometer and speedometer, and a trip computer screen between them. The latter is large enough to provide the driver with a lot of useful information.

Above the Cerato 4’s center console is an 8.0-inch multimedia system display. In the American fortress, even cheap versions are betting on it, but whether the international version of the model can boast such a display is still unknown. The multimedia system itself supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Regarding the seating space, the company said at the presentation that the new Kia Cerato is more spacious in the interior due to the larger dimensions. In addition, the manufacturer has strengthened the seat frames and improved their comfort, so the seating position promises to be more comfortable.


How high are the costs? According to the official website of the seller, the price of the new Kia Cerato 2022 ranges from 14,690 euros to 20,040 euros.