New Ligier Myli 2023, Already has Prices EU

New Ligier Myli 2023, Already has Prices EU

The Ligier Myli range has been divided into four different versions for the Spanish market, namely the G.ood,, E.pic, and R.ebel models. Those who are interested in purchasing this compact electric car can choose from any of these versions. Let’s take a closer look at the standard equipment provided in the different versions.

The G.ood version of the Ligier Myli comes with a charging cable suitable for standard electrical outlets, a tire repair kit, full LED headlights, LED daytime running lights, 13-inch steel wheels, a front, and rear disc brakes, a dashboard with large storage area, power windows, an interior lighting system, Myli leatherette upholstery, and pre-equipment for a radio.

The version of the Ligier Myli includes all the features of the G.ood model, along with some additional equipment. This version comes with 14-inch aluminum wheels, a closed glove box, driver and passenger side pocket nets, a radio with MP3 capabilities, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Being that it’s an entirely electric vehicle, all gazes are on the propulsion system. The “core” of the novel Ligier electric constitutes a high-voltage battery obtainable in three magnitudes: 4.14 kWh (Conventional Range), 8.28 kWh (Expanded Range), and 12.42 kWh (High Achievement Range).

Ligier Myli - interior

The chief purpose of the battery is nothing other than to supply a minor 5.6 kW (7.6 CV) and 10 Nm maximal torque engine. The highest speed is constrained to 45 km/h by electronic means. The autonomy of Myli shall vary contingent on the battery size. The Conventional Range prototype proclaims a 63-kilometer range according to the WMTC cycle. A value that elevates to 123 km for the Expanded Range prototype. The High Achievement Range prototype touts the capability to voyage up to 192 km on a solitary charge.

Charging durations also hinge on the battery magnitude. The recharging process for the 4.14 kWh battery shall complete in about 2 hours and 30 minutes. The recharge of the 12.42 kWh battery shall entail roughly 6 hours and 15 minutes.