New Moia app, new Aston Martin DB12

New Moia app, new Aston Martin DB12

Journal of May 26, 2023
New Moia app, new Aston Martin DB12

VW is relying on Carad replacement for autonomous driving. The beginning of the end for a local software company? Aston Martin reveals the DB12 – without the V12. We compare a large car and a compact station wagon from Skoda (ams +).

VW and software – so far this has been more complicated than a passionate relationship. Not only the infotainment problems in the Golf and ID.3 show that the size of the Carad subsidiary (6,000 employees) is more than proportional to the size of the problems, and the autonomous driving of the Moia driving service is not much better. Among other things, VW relied on the startup Argo.AI, in which the Wolfsburg-based company and Ford invested a total of 5 billion dollars – then pulled the plug in autumn 2022. Money? It has been written extensively. Important innovation? So far it is not visible. The result: a painful and humiliating crash landing, including a major setback in autopilot. This is where Apex.AI should come into play. Moia enters into a deep partnership with a German-American software company, which works on automotive applications. Luca Leicht explains the new partnership here.


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