New Opel Frontera: A large and fun SUV also available in full electric |  Opel

New Opel Frontera: A large and fun SUV also available in full electric | Opel

  • Customer choice: battery electric version or the best 48 volt hybrid motors
  • Strong: Expressive silhouette, Opel Vizor and new Blitz, pronounced wheel arches.
  • Pleasant interior: double large display, special ergonomic feature for the front seats, smart storage solutions.
  • Plenty of space: up to 1,600 liters of luggage space, optional functional sunroof.
  • Smart Solutions: Wireless charging and phone projection, extra USB ports and more

Rüsselsheim. Opel is at the beginning of a new chapter in the company’s long success story: Today the Rüsselsheim automaker unveiled the first images of the new Opel Frontera. The new funky and large SUV with Blitz will be available from the start with a battery electric motor, with the possibility for customers to choose engines with 48 volt hybrid technology.

“With its combination of solid design, space, intelligent solutions and excellent engines, our new Opel Frontera appeals to a large audience of customers who want to stand out from the crowd. It adapts perfectly to urban and suburban environments, while providing enough time. experience of energy for our customers,” said Florian Huettl, CEO of Opel.

The new Opel Frontera impresses at first sight with its strong interpretation of Opel’s bold and clean design philosophy. The vertical silhouette and unique proportions of the front of the new Opel Frontera combine a functional and spacious cabin with a very bold and decisive, but modern expression. Opel’s new “Blitz” logo celebrates its debut on a series model and sits proudly in the center of the Opel Vizor. The black “Vizor” gives the front of the Opel Frontera a unique identity and perfectly complements the Eco LED headlights and direct high beams and the central Opel Blitz. The visor is supported by a trapezoidal cooling opening in the lower third and emphasizes the solid and stable position of the car. Opel’s famous “wing signature” shines in a modern interpretation with three light blocks separated by body-colored inserts. The side view shows a different C-pillar, which seems to divide the large cabin. Otherwise, the pronounced wheel arches and warriors mount the car firmly on the road, while giving the visitor a solid and modern look.

Smartphone station, Intelli-Seat: intelligent solutions for connectivity and comfort

The contemporary look continues into the interior, where intelligent design meets practicality. Large horizontal decorations on the dashboard and doors visually enhance the already airy interior. Additionally, a standard Opel Clean Panel digital dashboard with two 10-inch displays and multimedia infotainment system awaits the occupants and is just as eye-catching as the bold and stylish new steering wheel. Opel consistently follows a philosophy of maximum comfort and minimum distraction, with a clean and detoxifying experience to avoid any form of digital stress.

Guest also caters to those who prefer to rely on their mobile device, offering an optional smartphone innovation center. After connecting to the station through a special application, the user’s smartphone becomes the car’s information control panel, which also interacts with the steering wheel buttons. And Opel once again brings innovative seating to a wide range of customers with the new Opel Frontera. The patented Intelli-Seat function in the front seats, a position that reduces pressure on the coccyx, ensures exceptional comfort even during long road trips. Moreover, the chairs are not only richly made and carved, but also attractive thanks to the different combinations. Seat fabrics are also available in sustainable recycled material.

The visitor’s fun factor is further enhanced by several clever solutions. For example, charging mobile devices is easier than ever with a cooled wireless charger with two USB ports available in the front and two more USB ports in the second row. Larger devices that would normally not have enough space, such as a laptop, can be safely stored in the center console thanks to the flexible strap that holds them. Additional open storage areas in the closet serve as pocket trays with a rubber lining that prevents items from sliding and shifting. Second-row passengers can take advantage of integrated smartphone pockets in the back seats of the front seats.

Spacious, beautiful and intelligent: the best friend for a sustainable lifestyle

In addition, the new Opel Frontera convinces with its loading capacity. With the rear seats in place, it already offers more than 460 liters of boot space: with the seats folded down, the capacity increases to 1,600 liters. More efficiency is provided by the 60:40 split of the rear seat, while the second floor of the load is standard. In addition, customers who need to carry more luggage on their journeys can take full advantage of the roof’s capacity of more than 200 kg by choosing the optional active roof.

Like all new Opel models, the new Frontera impresses not only with its bold and clean design, but also with its responsible performance. Customers will be able to choose between a battery-electric drivetrain and high-efficiency engines with 48-volt hybrid technology. Regardless of the propulsion chosen, the customer can expect a high level of driving pleasure thanks to the special chassis configuration. . Rüsselsheim engineers focused on improving chassis response and typical Opel driving characteristics, even when traveling at high speeds on German autobahns.

With its expressive new look, its smart and fun solutions and the possibility to choose between full electric or hybrid drive, the new Opel Frontera once again shows that the German brand takes its electrification mission seriously and at the same time That tempo is aimed at a wide range of customers.

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