Nissan Ariya uses less electricity than the manufacturer’s promises?  We looked at the energy consumption of the new SUV – Super Express

Nissan Ariya uses less electricity than the manufacturer’s promises? We looked at the energy consumption of the new SUV – Super Express

How much energy does the Nissan Ariya use?

The answer to this question may surprise you. Nissan’s electric SUV turned out to be more economical than the factory data announced! The maximum declared by the manufacturer can be achieved without any problems, and in urban conditions we will get the best results. What is the energy consumption of Nissan Ariya in the base car version with 204 HP electric motor and 63 kWh battery?

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The second meeting with Nissan Ariya

Our second meeting with the Nissan Ariya was on the roads of Sweden. It was here that we looked at Nissan’s electric power consumption and it was here that we had the opportunity to check how the car performs in normal road traffic. “Normal” is a relative term – it’s no secret that Swedish speed and driving dynamics are far from what we can see on Polish roads. This is an advantage for Nissan in terms of power consumption and range. However, we can easily achieve the same values ​​on Polish streets – it is enough to drive as prescribed and as easily as possible.

Author: Maciej Lubczyński
Nissan Ariya – energy consumption

Nissan Ariya – energy consumption

The city route on which we measured the energy consumption was less than 33 km long. The average speed of 37 km / h more or less corresponds to the urban conditions in which we travel in Polish cities. Energy consumption? Only 11.3 kWh! This means that it is possible to reach 500 km in the city with little effort. Low temperatures and the need to use the heating system will limit the range, but even in unfavorable conditions, Nissan’s reported value of more than 400km is achievable on the road. Results against segment history – interesting. The new Nissan is more economical than rivals Volkswagen ID.4 or Skoda Enyaq iV.

Nissan Ariya – payment

Nissan wants to compete with more than just an economical car. The Japanese manufacturer also boasts that the smooth movement of the charging curve allows us to maintain its maximum power most of the time. This significantly reduces the time required to recharge the battery. Direct current charging with high power (150 kW) will allow you to recover the battery from 20 to 80% in 28 minutes. AC charging, thanks to the optional 22 kW charger on board, will allow you to fill the battery from 10 to 98% ( !) in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Nissan Ariya
Author: Nissan – media kit
Nissan Ariya

This is not the end of the controversy

A little more time on Swedish roads also shows that the Ariya is a well-rounded and promising model in the Nissan range. The SUV is carefully made inside and although the touch buttons and at the same time need to be pressed not everyone will like it, it must be admitted that in terms of handling multimedia or the selection of equipment, the Japanese gave a display that will allow. They compete with, in my opinion, slightly lower models of the German competition. I have one glaring objection to Ariya’s cockpit. The driver sits very high here. With a height of 190 cm, I was already rubbing my scalp with my hair. It’s a pity – it’s a full-size SUV, after all. There is plenty of room for front passengers and the second row of seats. There are also interesting things in the interior, such as an electric sliding console with a resting place (very nice) or … an electrically opened glove box (I see no point in its electric opening).

Good choice?

About driving a Nissan Ariya we wrote in this text. Public road experience proves it’s a comfortable and road-holding crossover. Sufficient driving, fuel-efficient car, high-quality equipment and a spacious interior (with a small “but” in the driver’s seat) are a set of arguments that make the Ariya a success. The price of the car starts at PLN 215,900. This is a reasonable amount compared to the portion. Ariya has richer standard equipment than slightly cheaper ID.4. When we add the set of advantages mentioned above, Ariya looks very good. All that remains is to wait for the attractive Nissan to enter the Polish roads – the eye-catching design means that you will probably not be noticed on them.