No joke: a real Barbie Maserati in pink

No joke: a real Barbie Maserati in pink

Barbie Maserati Grecale is not a good Christmas gift for little girls. The SUV model, bathed in pink, is a real car with a 530 hp V6 under the hood.

It can filter the taste of Maserati fans: Barbie Grecale.

Barbie is already driving. Its fleet includes, for example, Barbie Glam Convertible, Barbie Super Adventure Camper Vehicle and Barbie Motor Scooter. All in pink, of course.

Sweet and sour

Now Maserati has been added. However, it is not plastic and in the design of a model car, but in reality. In collaboration with Barbie maker Mattel, the Italian luxury car maker has re-dedicated its small SUV Grecale as a Barbie car. Pink throughout, the color of sugar-sweet should reveal the effect of the rainbow on sunny days, faced with various lines in – that is the real name of the color – acid yellow.

Even the black interior has pink trimmings, for example in the form of decorative stitching on the carpets, doors and full leather seats. Technically, the Barbie SUV is based on the Grecale Trofeo version, which is powered by a 390 kW/530 hp V6 engine.

Maserati Barbie Grecale

Barbie-Grecale: Even in the interior, you can not do without pink.

The overall package does not seem to be suitable for the mass market. Also not: Barbie Grecale, launched as an unlimited Fuoriserie Edition, will only be available twice. One of the two replicas was presented by Neiman Marcus in Los Angeles these days and is part of the “Fantasy Gifts 2022” gift series from the department store. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will benefit the Barbie Dream Gap Project, an initiative that works with charities that aim to “create equal opportunities and break down barriers for girls,” it said. Barbie is also about her image, the image of very thin, long-legged and always-smiling women that she portrays is sometimes looked at too seriously.

What will happen to the second Grecale in pink is expected to be announced in the coming year.

By the way, Barbie also has a bird. The fact that Airbus or Boeing understand this as a proposal to launch a pink Barbie A320 or Dreamliner is of course impossible.