‘Now we have to find a real job’

‘Now we have to find a real job’

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The rock band Genesis performed last time yesterday. Frontman’s creation Phil Collins reunited for the first time since 2007 with a tour last year.

“This was the last stop of our tour,” Collins (71) said during a concert at the O2 concert hall in London. “And it’s the last scene of Genesis.” Then he joked: “After tonight we should get a real job”.

Genesis was founded in the 1960s. The first success came when singer Peter Gabriel was still the band’s lead singer. But Genesis gained momentum in the 1980s with drummer Phil Collins overseeing the lead singers since Gabriel’s departure. The band had hits Motherinvisible touch and Land of Chaos† In the Netherlands the number reached I Can’t Play in 1992 ranked 1 in 40 Best.

Watch the Land of Chaos clip from 1986:

Although the group continued shortly after Collins’ departure in 1996, it did not produce many of the most important songs.

Co-founders Mike Rutherford (71) and Tony Banks (72) announced two years ago that they would be reuniting with Collins for a farewell visit, their first visit in 14 years. The group visited Ziggo Dome twice last week.

Collins, who has been battling health problems for some time, could no longer dance. So his son Nic sat behind a drum kit, while Phil sat in a chair on the stage for the entire concert. Although the tour The Last Domino? (last domino?) was mentioned with a question mark, the band members were clear: this was their very last visit.

Here is what Collins said about the final performance of Genesis in London: