Opel Frontera returns 20 years after its disappearance…

Opel Frontera returns 20 years after its disappearance…

Those under 20 certainly do not know him,Opel Frontera is an all-terrain vehicle sold between 1991 and 2004 for two generations. After falling into oblivion, it has been reborn in the form of a Urban SUV which is closely similar Citroen C3 Aircross sold in the Indian market. Frontera unsurprisingly agrees to see, the sleek front end that has become a trademark of current Opels. Its specifications have not been revealed but we already know that it has chest with a volume of 460 to 1,600 liters when the rear seats are folded.

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No surprises

The Frontera has a very stylish dashboard with two 10-inch touchscreensinstrument and for infotainment system. Like other examples from the Stellantis group, the gear selector is a pull tab attached to the center console. The first photos also show plenty of storage space scattered throughout the cabin.

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Two machines

In terms of engines, the Frontera will be available internally electronic version simple 156 hp engine associated with a battery of 54 kWh. A hot version will also appear in the catalog with a turbo block 1.2 of 136. Supported by 48V mini hybridis associated with a automatic two-clutch transmission. The Frontera is scheduled to go on sale next fall.

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