Padua.  Kitten hides in car engine, rescued and adopted

Padua. Kitten hides in car engine, rescued and adopted

PADUA – It took a few hours, the intervention of firefighters and some residents, but the cat that had entered the car finally …

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PADUA – It took a few hours, the intervention of firefighters and some residents, but a the cat that got into the car he was finally rescued and also found a loving family who took him in and named him Zorro. It was 5 o’clock another morning when a resident of San Bellino who was on his way to work heard desperate voices on the side of the road between parked cars, but he could not determine the location of the child. It took more than another hour of silence for some residents to identify the source of the heart-wrenching screams and give bail. With a rescue cage, the rescuers approached the Peugeot trying to identify the location of the young man without finding him, at which time the local police were informed but without success. “They explained to us that it was the responsibility of the fire fighters – says one of the women – so we informed the carabinieri who in turn contacted the fire fighters who arrived immediately. another, a Toyota. As soon as the owner of the car was tracked down, the car was opened, but the animal ran away again, more afraid of the tricks of the firemen. into the engine of Aygo then escaped in a Citroen engine which was finally found».

Screaming and now scared he was finally caught and placed in a carrier. “It was difficult but we managed to catch him although I caught him because he had bitten my finger and he didn’t want to let go – continues the lady – the important thing is that he is fine now. The girl who participated in the rescue welcomed him into the house and now he is calm although, throughout the day, he hit and tried to scratch , that was the fear ». The story with a happy ending of Zorro, who found a loving family that took him to the vet yesterday to know his condition. Unfortunately, especially in this period, there are many abandoned puppies that seek shelter and many get into car engines and get killed. “We want Zorro’s rescue to be an example for everyone – concludes the girl who took him -, we ask all those who get into the car to listen to any noise or sound. If you leave the car and a small person gets stuck between the engine parts, it is often impossible to save him and unfortunately in this period of garbage the situation is frequent».

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