In Piedmont, the river Sesia in its upper and middle course offers a rapid character, suitable for river sports. Rapids, waves and natural slides are suitable for rafting, canoeing, kayaking, hydrospeed and canyoning.

The Peugeot 408, behind its unchanging design, has modern technology dedicated to driving pleasure and intuitive use.

Breaking the mold is a capability that PEUGEOT continues to demonstrate, more than 200 years after its birth. The design of the PEUGEOT 408 also confirms this, supported by quality-oriented technologies.

With the presence of 6 cameras and 9 radars, the PEUGEOT 408 Hybrid aims to meet the strictest criteria for comfort and safety. Flexible and highly integrated, it makes its contribution to the transition of energy, while enhancing that dynamic character which aims to enhance the sensations resulting from an intuitive and satisfying driving experience.

At the center of this unique driving experience, we once again find the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit, which continues to evolve more than a decade after its first appearance. It now shows a new synergy with the infotainment system, PEUGEOT i-Connect.

The compact steering wheel is the centerpiece of the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit design, and its shape is suited to the way it is read below the digital instrument panel, placed in the line of sight of the road. In the GT trim, it also offers 3D technology, for a new level of customizable information flow that follows every minute of the journey.

The large passenger compartment of the PEUGEOT 408 is not only spacious but also ‘airy’, thanks to the installation of air conditioning vents arranged at the height of the occupant’s head, in a good position for the comfort of all passengers.

Meanwhile, moving the vents upwards has freed up space around the driver, who has easy access to the ‘i-Toggles’, fully configurable digital buttons. They are located in front of the main screen, allowing you to select your favorite shortcut keys, from the climate control to your favorite radio station.

On the PEUGEOT 408 i-Cockpit is even more innovative, offering a way to ‘expand’ for all passengers, and in this way also encouraging the use of front passengers.

The high-resolution 10-inch center screen is easily customizable, thanks to widgets and shortcuts. Moving between different menus by placing 3 fingers to bring up the list of apps is easy to understand. You can return to the main page at any time by pressing the Home button, just like on a smartphone.

PEUGEOT i-Connect Advanced, on the other hand, offers a modern infotainment experience. It has Integrated 3D Navigation and TomTom services and for better reading the map is displayed on the entire 10-inch screen: it is updated “in the air”, therefore through the transmission of mobile network data.

Finally, the “OK PEUGEOT” voice command allows access to all applications related to infotainment features, with natural voice recognition, and can be used in everyday life to improve safety.

The PEUGEOT 408 Hybrid technology makes it easier and more pleasant to reach the area north of Varallo Sesia, in the Piedmont province of Vercelli and about a hundred kilometers from Milan or Turin. The name of the city already has the key to understanding this trip: the river Sesia, with a length of 140 km, comes directly from Monte Rosa, about 2500 meters above sea level from the glacier of the same name, to end its origin. on the river Po.

Along Valsesia the river receives the water of many rivers, which makes its flow more stable. In the upper part of its course, its rule is very strict and in this way it favors popular river games. From April to September, the opportunity to practice different river sports opens up. Technical equipment and support are provided on site with dedicated canoe stations, easily identified from the state road leading up to Alagna.

  • Rafting, or dinghy descent done in a group. So everything is contagious, from laughter to shouting excitedly when dealing with speed.
  • Canyoning, hiking, swimming and ziplining between waterfalls and obstacles.
  • Hydrospeed, where armed with a large floating bob, fins and wetsuit and protection, you let yourself be carried by the water between currents, sprays and waves.
  • Kayak for those who want to practice sports on their own, or mini-raft for two seats.

To practice these river sports, you just need to know how to swim and want to experience, while fun and safety go hand in hand in specialized centers in the area, thanks to the presence of professional and qualified teams.

Participation fees for each activity include tuition and instructor, travel, use of technical clothing and equipment. Last but not least, the insurance proves the weight of the structures.

The experience on the river takes about 1 and a half hours, including time for training, dressing and transport to the river. So, half a day, for an experience that adds value to the journey on the PEUGEOT 408 and its technological values.

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