Phil Washington says why he withdrew his FAA nomination

Phil Washington says why he withdrew his FAA nomination

In a surprising turn of events, Phil Washington has withdrawn his nomination to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). After a thorough review of the agency’s current operations and the potential of his role within it, Washington has concluded that his nomination is not in the best interest of the agency or its mission.

In a statement released to the press, Washington expressed his appreciation for being considered for the position, but stated that he had come to the realization that the FAA’s current efforts needed to be directed towards other objectives. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to have been considered for the position of FAA Administrator,” Washington said. “However, after careful consideration, I have determined that the agency’s primary focus should be directed towards the safety of the aviation system, and my nomination would not be in the best interests of the agency’s mission and goals.”

Washington went on to suggest that the FAA would be better served by focusing on other priorities that are integral to the agency’s mission. “The FAA is responsible for ensuring the safety of the public in the aviation system, and I believe that the agency’s current efforts should be directed towards that end,” Washington said. “The FAA’s mission is to ensure the safe, secure and efficient operation of the national airspace system, and I believe my nomination would detract from these efforts.”

Washington’s withdrawal comes as a surprise to many in the aviation industry, as his nomination had been widely expected to be approved by the Senate. Washington had previously served as the CEO of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, where he made a name for himself by expanding public transportation options, modernizing the agency’s infrastructure, and improving its financial efficiency.

Despite his withdrawal, Washington expressed confidence in the FAA’s ability to successfully execute its mission. “The FAA is a world class aviation organization, and I am confident that the agency will continue to excel in its mission,” Washington said. “I wish the agency and its employees all the best in the future.”