Pierro Ferrari suggests Mercedes cannot be defeated in respect

Pierro Ferrari suggests Mercedes cannot be defeated in respect

In addition to the technical instructions, which is to temporarily solve the problem of porposings and uncontrolled oscillations of vehicles, the Federation announced several changes in the regulations for the 2023 season.

These changes mainly involve raising the floor and diffuser by 25 mm, but not everyone likes this. As it happened in France Red Bull and Ferrari lead the alliance, which is made up of four other teamswho is working to convince the FIA ​​to limit rule changes for next season.

The Red Bull team has long insisted that the planned changes are aimed at helping only one team in the field – Mercedes.

“I believe there is a strong influence to change many rules for next season so that some team can put their car down and benefit from this concept,” said Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

While hatred and ridicule on the Red Bull – Mercedes line is a legacy of last year’s championship battle, high-level representatives of Ferrari are also starting to talk about this issue.

Pierro Ferrari, vice president of the brand that Enzo’s father founded, makes it clear that he does not agree with this treatment by the FIA ​​and that his company intends to defend its position.

“We will show our reasons,” Ferrari told Italy’s Autosprint. “We will oppose any exploitation of this situation.”

“For many years, Ferrari had a lack of power in relation to the Mercedes engine, but we did not ask for any favors or shortcuts,” he added. “We lost with dignity, working peacefully to rebuild. Our opponents had to do the same, right?”

The Ferrari team may be pleased with the direction of their car’s development, as it is clear to the eye that this is the team that has made the most progress in preparing the car for the 2022 season.

“As a company, we are proud of what our racing department has achieved so far,” he said. “We are coming out of a difficult period and we have a car that is competitive at any track. Of course there are things to improve and details to achieve perfection.”

“But it’s Ferrari that’s competitive. Of course I’d prefer us to win more often. It would be nice to turn the eight pole positions we’ve had this year into a win. We’ve got four so far, only half of them.”

“But we are on the right path”, said Enzo Ferrari’s 77-year-old son.