Places Day will be decorated with historic gems

Places Day will be decorated with historic gems

On Saturday, May 27, a solemn oath of the soldiers of the Lublin regional defense brigade and a family picnic will be held on the grounds of the fortress on the occasion of the Lublin regional holiday. Participants will be able to see historic vehicles and re-enactors.

After the ceremonial call in the castle church, the participants will move to the castle square. There, the ceremony will begin at 12 o’clock with the oath taking. Later, at 1:30 pm, the military picnic will begin.

Not everything. On the site, visitors will be able to see vehicles and uniforms from the Second World War.

– We present to the participants of the Commemoration of the Second Regiment of Lubelska OT and the vehicles that Polish soldiers fought for and won in the Second World War in Monte Cassino and Falaise. We consider it as an expression of our respect for the war effort of the Poles who fought for Free Poland on all fronts of the Second World War – says Krzysztof Bielak, board member of the Freedom Foundation, head of the Historical Education Group. And he adds: – We believe that through the participation of historical vehicles and our actors, we help the participants of the festival of Lublin places to explain this chain of generations, strong links that have been created today by the soldiers of the Polish Armed Forces. . The state of war outside our eastern border reminds us of the special respect that we all – today too – owe to the “defenders of our Polish borders.

Military vehicles and equipment will be displayed from 11.30 to 16.30. Visitors will be able to see:
In the colors of the units of the Polish 2nd Corps – fighting in Italy under the command of General Władysław Anders (including the famous Battle of Monte Cassino):

  • Willys Ford GPW “Jeep” – in the colors of the 5th Kresowa Infantry Division,
  • Daimler “Dingo” – armored reconnaissance vehicle, in the colors of the Headquarters of the 2nd Corps, with the side name “HOPE”, on the side.

In the colors of the 1st Armored Division – fighting in northern Europe (France, Belgium, Holland, Germany) under the command of General Stanisław Maczek:

  • M16 MGMC “Half-Track” – Half-Track APC – with an anti-aircraft battery of four of the heaviest 0.5-inch Browning guns
  • and a 40 mm BOFRS anti-aircraft gun

There will also be a demonstration of the power of the simulation of jet-versus-jet firing. Due to the loud noise of the explosion, it will be announced so that people with hearing ability can cover their ears.

There are also many other attractions in the program. Participants will be able to see the equipment and equipment of Lublin regional units, military police, police, border guards and firefighters.

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