Politics and society – EU program rules, sustainability of commercial aviation, claims for surcharges

Politics and society – EU program rules, sustainability of commercial aviation, claims for surcharges

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The The EU plans to revise the slot regulations. Among other things, market mechanisms such as auctions and secondary trading will be discussed. But the question of who has a slot is important for society as a whole, writes slot expert Gunter Heinrich. keep reading

The European Union Antitrust Agency fear that planned to take from Asiana and Korea Air of Competitions between Europe and South Korea. The US Department of Justice is even considering a lawsuit to block the takeover. keep reading

Compared to airplanes, there is very little compensation for train delays. Short deadlines, “extraordinary circumstances” and a maximum payment rate of 50 percent: After Reform of EU passenger rights the will of Claims for compensation from customer feedback are now more restricted. keep reading

The The tourism industry is demanding faster visa procedures and more from politicians, so as not to divert the flow of tourists and workers who passed through Germany. Sustainability and investment in renewable energy are also on the agenda of the industry’s upcoming meeting. keep reading

The vertical tail of a Jetblue machine., © DPA/Wilfredo Lee
The vertical tail of a Jetblue machine.

© DPA / Wilfredo Lee

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American Airlines and Jetblue must end their “Northeast Partnership”.. The judgment of the American court is confirmed by the fact that the union would significantly restrict competition in the aviation industry. Airlines see it differently. keep reading

Lufthansa Technik it has two cabinet configuration depending on the subtype of the aircraft from Airbus airplanes (ACJ) submitted that specifically government officials and the military are created. Government taxi plus ambulance version. keep reading


The European Aviation Trade Convention and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva touches down Innovation and sustainability in the European business aviation sector. However, the sector is also facing economic challenges. keep reading

climate activists having Geneva airport is paralyzed and called for a ban on private jets. Flights currently underway at the airport EBACE right were taken. Flight delays were the result. keep reading

The European Union countries are planning tougher requirements for airlines to use sustainable energyreduce CO2 emissions from the atmosphere. SAF aims to bridge the gap until the creation of zero-emission aircraft. keep reading

At the same time, lot in the Council of Europe Completion of the “Fit for 55” legislation has been postponed. Airlines are concerned that key targets may not be met. The new debate about hydrogen from nuclear power is of little help to the growth of the SAF market. keep reading

hydrogen jets may increase by two percent from 2035 cheaper to operate than fossil fuel powered jets. That’s according to a new T&E study. To achieve this, however, would require a proper tax on kerosene. keep reading

Electromobility and runways on water it would have several benefits, from CO2 savings to resource conservation. There are currently four projects with the potential to revive the seaplane business – at least in regional traffic. keep reading

Rolls Royce has it the first Ultrafan test engine was successfully tested on 100 percent sustainable kerosene. In the future, the Trent-Ultrafan will power aircraft of different sizes while using up to 25 percent less fuel. keep reading

Manufacturer of SAF Neste wants to grow significantly this year by using renewable energy. New plants in Singapore and the United States will fund the project. Procurement of sustainable raw materials is a big challenge. keep reading

The Dublin Airport plans, fee to the airlines low-flying aircraft consumption increased by 25 percent reduce. This was announced by Dublin Airport Authority (DAA). keep reading

SAF test bottles., © Honeywell
SAF test bottles.

© Honeywell

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India plans for 2025 Use of one percent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) for domestic airlines order. This aims to reduce emissions from air traffic. This was announced by India’s Oil Minister Hardeep Singh Puri. keep reading

Iberia has plan was launched later this year Save 200 tons of plastic on board to be able to Various measures should be taken for that. keep reading

An aeroacoustics research team at the University of Bristol has conducted experiments for the first time Influence of soil on the noise level of propellers measurement. The results should be the basis for strategies to reduce noise from aircraft taxis taking off and landing. keep reading


One Passenger compensation is denied, if passengers are carried on the scheduled flight. This also applies if the airline requires a additional payment is required it has, as the Federal Court of Justice has now decided. keep reading

The Supreme Court of Spain classifies the previous ones compensation to relatives of Germanwings crash victims like very low. You now have 14 families open high damage claims. keep reading

A Legal dispute over the opening of shops on Sundays near Zweibrücken Airport in the Western Palatinate goes into another phase, since the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) expressed serious doubts about the decision of the second case. Dispute resolution is a special law from 2007. Read more