Porsche is doing better than Tesla on this point and it’s thanks to Apple

Porsche is doing better than Tesla on this point and it’s thanks to Apple

Porsche has launched Apple Maps EV functionality for its Taycan electric car. A small novel that changes everything every day for the owners of an electric car from the German brand. And that allows Porsche to get closer to Tesla in an important feature for long trips.

In an electric car, the starter is a very important tool for long journeys. He is the one who will tell you when you should stop to recharge the batteries and extend the trip. Some manufacturers do not include this important tool in their electric vehicles. Porsche is not one of these manufacturers, since customers can benefit from the trip planner by default.

Car GPS vs. Google Maps and Apple Maps

But, like many cars, using this tool, you have to use the in-car navigation. Do you prefer using Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to use Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze? The in-car scheduler will turn itself off, which is quite frustrating. So it will be important to choose between a practical interface, attractive and continuously updated, without a route planner, or a manufacturer’s interface, often less reactive and less practical, but facilitating the journey with an electric car.

That is ancient history, thanks to Porsche and Apple who have recently entered into a partnership, only for a limited time in the United States. The popular Porsche Taycan will integrate Apple Maps EV (Apple Maps VE in French) thanks to Apple CarPlay. In other words, the router will now connect to Apple Maps on this electric car. The navigation system of the Cupertino company will therefore focus on the autonomy and usability of the car to plan the charging stations as can be read on Press release.

A small revolution for electric cars

It may seem like a small update, but it’s a game changer for electric car drivers. This allows take full advantage of CarPlay while on the gosince it is no longer necessary to switch from the car’s GPS (for maps and directions) to Apple CarPlay (for music, calls, texts, etc.).

Porsche isn’t the first manufacturer to integrate Apple’s VE plans, however. Ford does it too, starting in 2022, on his Mustang Mach-e. The electric Ford F-150 has yet to get its due.

Porsche Taycan
Porsche Taycan

In the case of Android, the situation is completely different. To be able to take advantage of Google Maps using the router, the car must be connected to Android Automotive and the manufacturer must create a link between the two. This is for example the case of Renault and Mégane E-Tech, but also of Volvo XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge. The solution is even more advanced than Ford and Porsche, as you don’t even need to connect your smartphone: Android Automotive is already installed on the car.

The integration of the electric car router into Google Maps and Apple Maps allows manufacturers to provide an interface similar to, or even superior to, Tesla’s. Indeed, Elon Musk’s company provides its customers with the most easy-to-use navigation system, with a pleasant and pleasant interface, which connects the home of the integrated planner, which has no flaws at all.

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