price, specifications and technical data sheet

price, specifications and technical data sheet

Nissan presented an impressive model at the Shanghai Auto Show, the The concept of a pathfinder, which may be a model series for the Chinese market. The name Pathfinder represents the historical heritage of the brand, international example a sign of the transition from off-road to SUVs. The fifth-generation Pathfinder is sold in the US, but has never been released in China, making the commercial project even more interesting.

Here he is data sheet from Nissan Pathfinder:

Data sheet
Number of locations 7
The trunk
Power equipment
HP/kW (output)
Price (from)

The Nissan Pathfinder concept presented at the Shanghai Motor Show is an attractive and spacious SUV, with the possibility of taking up to 7 passengers. However, since it is still under development, detailed information about the car’s specifications has not been released. From the first images, however, it can be guessed that the Pathfinder will be on Section Eare reserved for large SUVs.

Nissan has also focused a lot of effort on the interior of the new Pathfinder, designed to provide a high level of comfort and technology. The bridge is characterized by the presence of two large screens, including a title display, and the central console, extended to the second row of seats, houses the climate control and transmission control. Additionally, the presence of a four-zone climate control system further enhances passenger comfort.

The interior design of the new Pathfinder seems to have an eye on the needs of the high market, with high materials and finishes, which can bring to mind the luxury of BMW models. Finally, the seating arrangement is for 2-2-3with a modern design and a series of golden touches to further decorate the cabin.

Nissan decided to develop the Pathfinder Concept with an eye on i the aesthetic taste of the Chinese marketrethinking the principles of Japanese house models based on the character line of the last generation of Pathfinder.

The new concept gives the mass that sets, and light clusters recreated and Leaf style wheels, which gives a touch of authenticity to the muscular SUV. The front of the Pathfinder is strong and decisive but without being overwhelming, the three rows of seats can be viewed from the windows, providing enough space for a large family.

Regarding the engine of the Nissan Pathfinder Concept presented at the Shanghai Auto Show, no detailed information has been released at this time. Although the presented car appears to be close to series production, the Japanese automaker has yet to reveal which powertrain it intends to offer to Chinese customers. It is not excluded that the offer may go beyond the current one V6 3.5 petrol already available in the United States, thus providing for a hybrid or electric engine.


  • Photo: thanks to its new design inspired by the aesthetic taste of the Chinese market, the Pathfinder has an elegant yet balanced look.
  • Technology: a horizontally designed dashboard with two large screens and a head-up display ensures a high-tech driving experience.
  • Lots of potential: with three rows of seats and a large load capacity, this SUV is aimed at large families and those who need space for equipment.