price, specifications, engines and versions, interior

price, specifications, engines and versions, interior

The BMW Z family has always stood for release The most eccentric of the Elica family, or the exact opposite of the last letter of the alphabet, anything but disgusting can be said. After the experience with the BMW Z1, the House of Monaco has launched its first real one a compact two-seater spider called the BMW Z3 in 1995. Despite the presence of the word Z, from the German Zukunft, or the future, the new one seemed decidedly more future than the other sisters in the 1996 range. The new BMW Z3 has another good feature: it turns out to be a the first of the German company to be produced exclusively in America, in the Spartanburg plant. It is clear that the sunshine of Carolina was pleasant to the dawn of the new born of the House of Monaco.

The BMW Z3 began production between 1996 and 2002, and recently enteredcommon thoughts by making his first appearance not in the salon, but in the film of 1995. We are talking about 007 GoldenEye directed by the then 007 Pierce Brosman. BMW Z3 transforms characteristics of the style of the House of Monaco, which once again produces a two-seat spider. If one looks at it, he will notice the unique lines that distinguish it: a long bonnet, a passenger compartment gathered above the rear wheels, a finish with four slits and the BMW logo on the fire protection, a small two-kidney grille in front. all are clear references to the 507, which makes this BMW Z3 unique and unique, comparable, in outline lines to Caterham.

BMW Z3 price

Like a good BMW, BMW Z3 price list it has never been what can be called economic. Even with the most economical engine in displacementor 118 bhp 1.8, the BMW Z3 was released in 1996 at a single-digit price roughly equivalent to 27,000 euros today, with the very powerful Z3 M Coupé on offer for 54,000 euros today. As mentioned earlier, radio, climate control, electric windows and adjustable seats were also standard for the access version, but compared to its rivals, it was very high price.

Today, however, due to the bubble around the sports cars of the 90s, the prices of the BMW Z3 have also risen significantly, especially for six-cylinder cars. In fact, it is enough to consult the main car sales websites to understand how, if you remove slow 1.8, offered from 7,000 eurostake home a BMW Z3 with an engine 1.9 16v from 140 HP of 318 is required at least 8,000 euros for models with many kilometers on their shoulders, and for 10,000 euros for a Z3 with very few kilometers.

Enter the world of BMW Z3 six-cylinder, instead, they serve no less 12,000 euros for 2.0, time more powerful 2.2 exceed i 14,000 euros, while the 2.8 and 3.0 break the barrier of 18,000 euros, approaching 20,000 euros. Not available danger Z3 Mwhich now easily surpasses i 45,000/50,000 euros.

BMW Z3 engines and versions

The engine type of the BMW Z3 turns out to be the same as the sisters of the BMW 3 Series, let’s talk about E36 and E46 versions, as the mechanical base turns out to be that of the BMW E36 Compact, which uses the front end of the BMW E36 and the rigid rear axle of the previous version of the BMW E30.

This represents justice combine to ensure BMW Z3 be fun and challenging, considering the range of well-equipped engines seven power units, two four-cylinder and five straight-six. At launch, the BMW Z3 was only available with four-cylinder engines, namely the 118 bhp 1.8 8v and 140 bhp 1.9 16v, similar to the 318i and 318 and E36.

BMW Z3 engine

After a few years, BMW then added six cylinders, starting with the 150 HP 2.0 and the next 170 HP 2.2 with variable valve timing. Only the 2.8 328i E46, with 193 HP, made it to Europe. Among the Z3, the top of the range was represented by the 3.0, introduced in 1999 and with 231 HP, 300 Nm of torque and fun performance for two Bavarian seats. At the top of the BMW Z3 engine range, however, it was very sports Z3 Mwhich used the 321 bhp 3.2 M3 E36 six-cylinder engine, which made it capable of 0 to 100 km / h in less than 5 seconds. Always with equipment Rear wheel driveThe BMW Z3 was available with a 5-speed manual gearbox or two automatics, one four-speed and one five-speed.

We talked about the M version of the BMW Z3, ​​​​​​​​​​​but not the only one. The lower power versions of the BMW Z3 were simple and with trims all packages are included so you don’t have to add anything basic. So the BMW Z3 versions were about two named packages Game and Individual Edition.

BMW Z3 specs

Looking at it from the front, we immediately see a front that looks more lowered due to the presence of large horizontal and narrow headlights, which give life to the front wheel arches swollen and the clamshell bonnet and integrated kidney grille. The latter shows a a very long step compared to the car’s length of only 4.03 meters, as is done with the small hood.

The uniqueness of the car is that it is available with both opening through manual movements than electric, with a very small rear trunk. The peculiarity is the cut of the bonnet that covers the part of the wheel arch, so that when you open it you can see the tread of the tire and understand how much space there is, if someone wants to put a rim with a wide channel. .


The first BMW Z3s were heavily criticizedthe absence of wide wheel archesthis problem was solved with the six-cylinder versions of the BMW Z3 which adopted wider and thicker shoulders which were combined with horizontal headlights and a rotating bumper giving it a slight twist. very personal style which remains unique and unique even today, which is why it is one of the most beautiful and appreciated Youths of all time. Concluding with the specifications of the BMW Z3, ​​the the stem is smallas befits these cars, with a minimum capacity of 165 liters.

All BMW Z3s had alloy wheels designed specifically for this model due to the extended track at the rear. Like the first one they turned out to be 16″ derived from the Series 3and the extended version of the song we are talking about such iconic examples Many BBS and Speedlines produced specifically for this BMW and up to 18”.

To recap, here they are BMW Z3 specs:

  • height 4.03m
  • width 1.74m
  • height 1.26 m
  • pitch 2.45m

BMW Z3 interior

If you look at it from the outside, the BMW Z3 reveals itself with its beauty and uniqueness, while inside you can see the elegance and cleanliness are the masters. If you take a closer look BMW Z3 interior surely there are less retro and more modest, in typical 90/2000 style. Analyzing them in detail we understand how the BMW Z3 has taken this into account: just to give an example. in fact, the dashboard was covered in simple black plastic which at the same time does not guarantee the same effect by touch or sight, with many hard plastics displayed. Not missing, as it is BMW sports culturea comfortable driving position, relaxed and created perfectly by BMW’s own technicians, such as the instrument panel with a traditional Bavarian taste, elegant, sporty and fast in reading, also derived, as expected, from the Series BMW 3 era.

BMW Z3 interior

So too the position on the board turns out to be good for the driver and passengers, there is also no shortage of useful solutions such as electric windows, climate control, radio and Cruise control on the more gifted offerings, true rare pearls for the early 2000s.

The interior of the BMW Z3 lacks something to add to the two Bavarian seats. The only thing that must be considered before making your own assessment is the context of this car. Indeed they were The 90s when the style was like this: black plastic, strong and elegant, with everything you need exactly where you expect it.

If one looks at those years, the BMW Z3 is, of course, in great company, so are its dashboards. direct rivals such as the Mazda Eclipse, Toyota Celica and also the Alfa Romeo Spider, but some competitors such as the FIAT Coupè and the Mercedes SLK have managed to make their interiors more attractive with exclusive inserts.

BMW Z3 road test

Born under a lucky star, the BMW Z3 represented a success for the House of Bavaria, was not repeated by any discovery after it, not even by its successor, the BMW Z4. In just six years, between 1996 and 2002, BMW produced in the American factory in Spartanburg. over 225,000 BMW Z3s: a possible success for its timeless style, brand and excellent driving ability. Easy and quiet to go slowly, due to the low weight and chassis of the BMW 3 Series Compact E36 Z3 is fast, direct, communicative and very fast.

Blue BMW Z3

His sword of Damocles? Indeed run the rain, especially considering the more powerful versions that require some skill behind the wheel. The M version, in particular, turns out to be more difficult to manage and control when things don’t go your way.

In addition to these details on driving the BMW Z3 turns out to be reliableit is beautiful to look at and drive, and is a fair candidate for one of the most attractive places Young timers market for the next few years. There are many fans who do not lose sight of second-hand, but consider it a real favorite, especially since many improvements have been made to maintain and preserve it in its original state.