production of the new EV has been halted

production of the new EV has been halted

Fisker is halting production of its EVs for six weeks after all the problems with the Fisker Ocean.

It is information it comes after before to report that the automaker is on the verge of bankruptcy due to disappointing EV sales in the US.

The fact that the cars that are being sold do not seem to be in perfect order will also play a role. Owners of the Fisker Sea find, among other things, that the power can fail, causing the car to fail completely. That also happens in the middle of the road.

Big debt

Fisker tells Wired that the company has secured a $150 million funding commitment. There are certain conditions attached to this amount, but Fisker does not provide any further details. In addition, the company is in discussions with a “major car manufacturer” for investment. According to Reuters this will be the case to go about Nissan.

Fisker said last February that it had annual revenue of $273 million, but the company also had $1 billion in debt.

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